Sauna and infrared use has been a practice for many years. But what is all the hype about? Is it really worth it? The answer is YES. Here are 10 proven benefits of an infrared sauna.

  1. Improves Heart Function

Studies from the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver found substantial evidence to prove that infrared sauna treatments normalize blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It has also proven to treat congestive heart failure and help with chronic pain. Another study proved that the infrared treatment can help patients with heart arrhythmias and those who suffer from chronic heart failure. All of this is a whole lot of good and means that the infrared sauna helps prevent high blood pressure and overall improve heart health.

  1. Helps Lower Chronic Pain

Researches in the Netherlands found that infrared sauna treatments play a role in reversing chronic pain… and the best part is that there are no side effects. People with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis saw a decrease in pain and stiffness in just a four week span.

  1. Lowers Side Effects of Diabetes

Research backs up evidence of improved quality of life in people with type II diabetes. Sauna treatment seems to improve pain threshold of people with diabetes who often suffer from complications such as pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, congestive heart failure and other heart problems.

  1. Improves Quality of Life and Overall Well-Being

The use of thermal heating treatments has been used in proving chronic pain for many years.

  1. Sleep

the steep drop in body temperature at night is a circadian cues that the body takes that it is time to sleep. The sauna heats your body up to temperatures much warmer than a hot shower. In order to improve your sleep quality, consider using a sauna session in the afternoon or before dinner in order to allow the body to cool down by bedtime.

  1. Detoxification

The more we sweat, the more toxins we flush from our body. As long as we stay hydrated, saunas are the safest way to sweat all of the toxins out.

  1. Relaxation

Not only will the quiet time keep you relaxed, but scientifically you will feel relaxed. Sauna use increases endorphins (the happiness hormone) and opioids, the body’s natural pain reliever!

  1. Weight Loss

Studies have shown that the infrared sauna leads to insulin sensitivity, increase lean muscles, and reduce fat by changing the hormonal environment which all aid in weight loss.

  1. Improved Circulation

Infrared Sauna therapy can help decrease inflammation through photobiomodulation. Infrared therapy stimulates protective nitric oxide production in the blood vessels, decrease oxidative stress, and stimulates mitochondria function.

  1. Skin Purification

Eliminate heat, your body increases blood flow to the skin. In addition, the skin adapts to this process, making it healthier. Studies have found that the skin of regular saunas users holds moisture and maintain a healthy skin pH. Skin problems like eczema and psoriasis see improvement because they stem from inflammation in the skin barrier and the sauna helps to reduce that inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier.


Treat your body to something new. Give the infrared sauna a try!



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