By Linda Townsend

Do you prioritize everyone and everything over yourself? While this is extremely common, it is also very unhealthy. I know this from experience. For many years, I did the very same thing to myself. But I learned that the airlines know what they are talking about when they tell us to put our own oxygen mask on first before helping others. Over time, a lack of self-care will show up in one form or another: injury; disease; or depression to name a few. But when we do take care of ourselves, we will actually boost our ability to be there for others. Win-win!

That’s why our 21 Days to Bliss program is so powerful. Our team of experts in wellness coaching, nutrition, fitness and mindfulness help participants to develop strategies that allow them to meet all of their commitments – to work, family and their community – while also meeting their commitment to themselves and their own well-being.

The program starts with a powerful and moving fire ceremony where we release the habits that no longer serve us, and invoke a commitment to healthy habits. It is an amazing bonding experience that kicks off three weeks of exploration of wellness modalities with amazing providers.

As we move though the process, expert facilitators create a safe space to explore – openly and without judgment – the factors that are getting in the way of each person’s self-care. And the group dynamic encourages and holds one another accountable in positive ways.

It is among the most powerful programs I’ve ever had the privilege of being involved with. Join us!

It takes 21 days to develop a habit. Our 21 Days to Bliss program returns in November, along with a sister program, Release 21, which is offered in the evenings. The goal of the program is to provide a holistic approach to changing habits so you can improve well-being in every aspect – nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness.

Learn more about the 21 Days to Bliss/Release 21 program here and register today!