It takes 21 days to develop a habit. Our 21 Days to Bliss program returns in November, along with a sister program, Release 21, which is offered in the evenings. The goal of the program is to provide a holistic approach to changing habits so you can improve well-being in every aspect – nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness. We spoke with Will Andrews, a graduate of the 21 Days to Bliss program, about his experience.

 What made you take on the 21 Days to Bliss challenge?

My wife and I actually did 21 Days to Bliss together as an anniversary gift to one another. It was her idea, and I am so glad that she did it. I have been an athlete for my whole life, playing sports and working out 5-7 days a week. So exercise wasn’t an issue for me. But I am also a physician, and I knew that I could do better with my health – so I was looking for a bit of a jumpstart there.

What I really wanted to gain from the experience was to increase my knowledge of self-care strategies and look at my health more holistically. So, through the process, I was able to learn more about nutrition, the mind-body connection, integrate yoga into my routine, understand meditation better and develop a next-level approach to working out. By approaching all of these things in a single program, 21 Days to Bliss was really effective at helping me change my habits so that I’m now taking remarkably better care of myself in every way.

What was most useful about the experience?

The fact that the entire program is holistically focused was incredibly important and impactful. Many people look at their health – and programs like this – in terms of weight loss. But ultimately, a program that is focused solely on that is totally unsatisfying and incomplete.

21 Days to Bliss is so much more. It is an effective jumpstart to being consistently healthy – and maintaining that. Coming into this program – even as a trained physician – I knew, for example, that I could do a lot better with my nutrition and eating habits. Through the program, I gained much more knowledge, and practical tips for eating better, preparing more healthful meals, and being more mindful and intentional about what I was eating.

Another important – and highly effective – component of the program is the coaching. Both the small group personal training fitness component, where I was getting individual attention but also feeding off the energy of the group, and the wellness coaching, make a huge difference in my opinion.

My coach – who happened to be Release founder Linda Townsend – provided an objective check-in throughout the process. She asked all the right questions about my goals, and my progress, and gave me a holistic view of how I was doing. Equally valuable was the group work. There is an enormous power that comes from opening up in a group setting and learning from other people.

What would you tell someone who fears the program may be too intense for them?

I’d tell them not to be afraid, even though I myself was a little intimidated at first.

Even as an athlete, I was a little afraid of the small group personal training, and it was intense, but everyone involved in the program meets you where you are, and customizes the program for you. They are great teachers, mentors and guides.

The culture at Release drives this individualized experience. Recently, I came in and took a yoga class with a teacher I hadn’t seen in at least a month. She remembered that my shoulder had been bothering me last time, and asked about it, offering modifications and specific stretches to address the issue.

What’s the best thing about having participated in 21 Days to Bliss?

I feel great – and I’ve learned so much about myself. I’ve done things I never thought I would do and integrated them into my life. I was intimidated by the concept of cycling class, but within two to three classes, I was hooked, and have now incorporated it into my workout schedule every week. I’ve learned how yoga can be an important part of my fitness regimen. And I’ve come to understand that any of the offerings at Release can really be attainable and valuable for anyone – whether it’s yoga, cycling, small group personal training, or meditation. Most importantly, while I have lost weight, I’ve changed the way I take care of my body, and my mind – for life.

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