There are so many benefit to drinking more water. Drinking enough water increases your energy, helps you maintain healthy skin, helps flush out toxins, and gets your body running smoother. Here are some quick and easy tips to increase your water intake to live a healthier and more water-friendly lifestyle!

1. Flavor it naturally. If you have a hard time trying to keep up with your glasses of water, then try adding a slice of fruit to the drink! This small trick helps add flavor and makes the glasses much easier to drink!

2. Another quick tip would be to invest in a reusable water bottle! Even just having it with you whenever you leave the house will subconsciously have you drinking more water!

3. Alternate your drinks! For every drink you have that isn’t water try to make a conscious effort to make the next drink water! So if you have coffee in the morning, make sure to follow up with a full glass of water before you have another type of beverage. 

4. Use your phone! We use them for everything else, right? Try setting two or three timers a day to remind you to drink up! This will soon become a habit that will be long lasting. 

5. You can even eat your water! Try adding more high water content vegetables like cucumbers or zucchini or even fruit like watermelon and grapefruit. Simply integrating these foods more into your diet will sneakily increase your water intake!

Do you have some tricks that you use to drink more water? Let us know in the comments below!


  • Caitlin

    Aim to drink half of your body weight in oz of water per day (someone who weighs 120lbs should aim to drink 60 oz) so on that reusable water bottle, label how many oz it holds if it doesn’t already say and make a note of how many times you need to refill it per day. There are even apps that help you track water intake too!

    • Linda

      Hi Caitlin! Thank you very much for your tips!

  • Sometimes I throw an herbal tea bag in my reusable water bottle. It adds nice flavor and can have medicinal benefits as well.

  • Nicole

    Drinking fluids with a straw makes me drink more. Add ice to it and pretend it’s a fancy cocktail and you totally have yourself fooled into drinking more water.

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