Spring is here! The transition from winter to spring signifies many things including renewal, growth, a fresh beginning. We witness this transformation as new buds appear on the trees, flowers begin to sprout through the soil, the hardness of winter begins to soften and grass once again begins to grow. It is the perfect time to begin to look at our daily habits and fine tune them so that you can enter Spring feeling renewed, and ready for a fresh start!

Here are 5 Gentle Detox Tips:

  1. Dry Skin Brushing – Your skin is actually an elimination organ much like your colon, liver, and kidneys. Dry brushing helps cleanse the skin, exfoliate dead and dry skin, and improves circulation. By dry brushing you activate the sweat and oil glands in the body which help keep moisture.
  2. Move Your Body – Now is the perfect time to start or increase your exercise routine. Walk, bike, dance, do yoga, or any type of fitness that you enjoy. The key here is to get moving.
  3. Breathe – Deep breathing helps detoxify the lungs and calm the nervous system. Try breathing in for four seconds, holding for seven seconds and exhaling for eight. Repeat four times in the morning and four times at night.
  4. Sweat It Out – Sweating is necessary for detoxification. Infared saunas are a great way to release toxins. “Our skin acts like a second kidney, it has 11,000 square feet of surface area and our sweat is made up of the fluids from the blood and lymph. When we sweat, some of the poisons these fluids contain are excreted through the skin” (Bennett and Barrie’s 7-Day Detox Miracle). A steam room is also a great option to sweat it out.
  5. Go for a Smoothie – Smoothies can be a great source of protein! When made with almond milk and plant protein, you’re treating you body to the amino acids it needs. Boost your metabolism, get a healthy dose of fiber, and let your body soak up the minerals it needs from these two key ingredients!

Try incorporating these tips one by one and you will see that you’ll build healthy habits. Each week add on one of these practices and it will be easier to stick with your detox routine throughout the entire year!