When we think of fitness today, the first place our mind travels to is likely the gym to lift weights or do cardio. But it’s time to change this idea. Fitness goes beyond the treadmill or the weight rack at the gym. In fact it extends beyond what you look like on the beach. It’s also about how you feel, think, and move and yoga is a great way to improve all of these aspects of fitness.

Here are 5 reasons why adding a yoga mat to your fitness tool kit is beneficial in more ways than you think.

1 Reduce Stress

Men are no strangers to stress– it is an inevitable part of everyday routines at work and at home. Yoga has been proven to help reduce stress effectively by reducing  heart rate, blood pressure, and easing respiration in stressful situations that typically increase these responses

2. Opportunity to Unplug

Yoga is an easy time to step away from your phone, computer, email and clear your mind. When was the last time you really unplugged in the middle of the day and allowed time to clear your mind? Yoga is the perfect way to hit the reset button. Plus, you return to your work with a new, positive mojo and a different way of looking at today’s problem.


3. Improve Flexibility

Flexibility is just one of the benefits found in a yoga class, but it’s a great one! An important one! Especially if your work requires some sort of physical action. Constant stress on our joints and muscles can cause problems down the road. The older we get the more prone we are to injury and joint discomfort. Flexibility is also tied to better digestion and release of toxins. Improving flexibility is improving our health down the road.

4. Release Toxins

While yoga works to strengthen our muscles and improve our flexibility, it also works to flush the harmful toxins out of our body. The twists and turns in each yoga class wring out the toxins like a towel. Kind of cool to picture, right? So try a hot yoga class and cleanse your body.

5. Sculpt and Tone Muscle

While yoga is a very relaxing form of exercise that helps keep us focus, balanced, and calm, yoga does work our muscles. Power Yoga requires a great deal of cardiovascular strength but it also calls on muscle strengths during the longer holds. Exerting energy to work your muscles can lead to better posture (important if you are at a desk all day) and can even help you sleep better.


So take your fitness to the next level and out of the gym. Grab your mat!