Small group training is the new way to experience fitness. The groups are big enough to be fun but small enough to be quality. Small group personal training has gained popularity because of its affordable, convenient way to train safely. Here are five reasons why you should try it.

1. You are in and out

Most small group classes are structured to challenge your entire body in just under an hour. The trainer aims to enhance your physical body and mental construction. You’ll start with a warm-up and quickly dive in to your next task. Moving from exercise to exercise your body and mind will grow stronger as you keep the momentum. Whether you work out before work, at lunch time, or use it as an after work stress reliever, a quick small group personal training (SGPT) class will give you a quick full body workout.

2. You’ll feel SO accomplished

Because you will put your body to the test with a variety of different exercises, you will move through the workout feeling accomplished and even stronger by the minute. In just 55 minutes you are moving towards a better you. You will begin to notice the strength you are building. The results are measurable and rewarding!

3. You’ll be challenged just the right amount

Each workout presents a new mental and physical challenge. Building this type of endurance is important because each day presents a new challenge. By proving to yourself that you can defeat any challenge in front of you, you’ll leave feeling more confident and more equipped to take on whatever life throws at you in the real world.

4. You get a personal trainer without the steep price tag

Training one on one with a personal training is great but not everyone can make that commitment. Certified personal trainers know how to work your body while keeping you safe and healthy. They work to make sure that your form, weight, and pace is appropriate for your body. These strategically designed workouts have you leaving the gym knowing that you have made new strides in reaching your wellness goals.

5. It’s fun!

And the best part about all of this is that it is fun. Working on physical and mental strength is not only rewarding and critical to our well-being but it can be down in a fun way. With music playing and workout buddies to keep you motivated, this will be one of the better hours of your day!


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