Here at Release we have created a 5 pillar approach to achieve an optimal state of wellbeing; movement, mindfulness, recovery, nourishment, and lifestyle choices. Each element has a positive trickle down effect. Our facility was carefully designed to create an environment where you can engage with each of these pillars, thus optimizing your life.


Movement: When we move our bodies we trigger the release of endorphins. Endorphins help make us happy and support a state of calm.


Mindfulness: Spending time on our breath helps us become aware of our present moment. You don’t have to do anything fancy to develop mindfulness. just notice how it feels to breathe. Spending time in an environment that encourages a mindful state helps us carry mindfulness throughout our day.


Recovery & Bodywork: Often overlooked, stretching, massage, esthetics, heat and light therapy are all important ways to continue to build a baseline of optimal health. Bodywork helps us to release stagnant energy and prevents the common aches and pains that come up after exercise, or even just from sitting at a desk all day!


Nourishment: Everything we consume affects our overall well-being. When we start to see our food as medicine vs. just sustenance, we start to notice how it actually makes us feel!  Choosing food based on its effect on your body can help us feel good more often.


Lifestyle Choices: Surrounding yourself with a supportive community can do wonders for making lifestyle choices that support your overall wellness goals. Staying connected with others on a similar path helps you stay on track, learn, and have more fun!

The cumulative effects of engaging with all 5 wellness pillars can make a major impact on your overall state of well being. Every small positive choice we make helps us make the next small positive choice.


This is why we’re so fortunate to have an all encompassing facility here at Release. We make it easy for you to make healthy choices!