As we shift our focus to the holiday season, we often find ourselves lost in the excitement and hustle of being with friends and family. Here are five simple ways to step back and find support:

1.) Start your morning with 5 deep breaths 

When we exhale slightly longer than we inhale, we signal to our parasympathetic nervous system that we are in control and the body can relax. Try this simple breathing exercise: 

Sit for a moment and breathe naturally

Check-in on how you feel at the start of this practice

Now follow this breath pattern:

Inhale in for 5

Hold for 1

Exhale for 8

Hold for 1

(Repeat 5-10 times)

Return to your natural breath

Check back in on how you feel


2.) Take a technology-free walk outside

Countless studies show as little as 15 minutes of fresh air can reduce your cortisol levels and boost your endorphins. Even if it’s rainy or cold, a moment outside can really help you relax and reset your mind.


3.) Schedule yourself a mandatory 5 minute mindfulness break

Permit yourself to step away from your tasks and responsibilities for 5 minutes. Ask your partner, family, friends for a bit of support as you take a mini-break. During this time, consider meditating, breathing, or even listening to your favorite music. Just try and stay off your phone; else, your mini-break will be done in a flash!


4.) Stretch & Shake

Have you ever seen an animal recover after a stumble or fall? They usually stretch and shake to move energy through and out of the body. Humans are no different! When you start feeling overwhelmed, overstimulated, or exhausted, stand up and move about, shake your arms, stretch a little side to side, roll out your neck, and do a little dance.


5.) Nourish your body with something that makes you feel great

With all the beautiful foods you’ll enjoy throughout this holiday season, set an intention to consume at least one thing you know makes you feel great every day.

Here are a few ideas:

Set a daily hydration goal

Eat some leafy greens with at least one meal

Have a nourishing, balanced breakfast to start your day

Practice saying a positive affirmation before you eat


We hope you have a wonderful Holiday. Keep it simple and choose just one thing from our list to try and implement. Let us know if any of these tips worked for you in the comments below!