Today we celebrate Release Well-Being Center’s 5th year in operation! Not only has this facility grown over the past five years, but it has fostered an incredible community of wellness professionals and seekers. Here at Release, members and guests have the opportunity to engage with subtle yet profound life-changing experiences. Every day at the facility, I witness someone release what no longer serves them, empower their body beyond their mind, and discover new paths to well-being and human connection. I am humbled and honored to share these gifts with Central Massachusetts, especially throughout the last two years, where we’ve all needed to take our self-care far more seriously.

Over the past five years, we have:

  • provided over 23,000 massages
  • taught over 42,000 yogis
  • employed close to 500 people
  • and contributed over $35,000 in charitable contributions

In December January 2017, I opened Release Well-Being Center, and today in January  2022, I am proud to report that we are still here offering outstanding services to our community!

Thank you to all who have joined us. Your support, especially throughout the pandemic, has meant more than you can know. We hope to commemorate our 5-year accomplishments with you in the year to come.

Happy New Year!

Thank You.

-Linda & the Release Team