A Fresh Start: Detox Your Mind, Body, and Soul for a Healthier You in 2024

Year-end is a natural time for many to self-reflect on their year’s journey. From physical health to mental resilience, many assess the choices they made that shaped their daily routines and influenced their overall sense of wellbeing. 

As we approach the new year, many individuals contemplate resolutions or positive changes for their future. Dawn, too, has set forth specific goals for the upcoming year. “In 2024, I’m on a journey of aging gracefully and self-acceptance,” she said. Embracing the beauty of growing older and accepting myself as I am—this is the essence of my transformative path for the year ahead.” Self-love forms the core of these aspirations. 

To end 2023, we invite you to  join Dawn Spann, Executive Vice President of Release Well-Being Center, as she shares her top wellbeing tips for 2024. Let her insights guide you in setting the foundation for a healthier and happier tomorrow!

Holistic Wellbeing Tips for 2024

Dawn’s Strategies for a Post-Holiday Detox

After the holidays, many people experience a crash in their energy levels. Following the joyful days of overindulgence, socializing, and late nights, returning to a regular routine can be challenging. 

Dawn stresses the importance of a post-holiday detox, highlighting that it not only rejuvenates the body, but also provides a much-needed reset for the mind. Embrace this as a means to alleviate accumulated stress from the festive season. As part of her detox, Dawn prioritizes:

  • Sleep: Ensure you are getting sufficient rest with a proper bedtime routine.
  • Exercise: Move your body in some way everyday – whether you go for a walk, head to the gym, or take a yoga class. 
  • Break from technology: Swap TV time for a catch-up with friends, or try a social media break. 
  • Daily reading: Read at least one page of a book daily.
  • Nature: Spend time outside daily, even if it is just a few minutes.
  • Clean eating: Give your body a boost with fruits, vegetables, and adequate protein. 
  • Water intake: Ensure you’re getting enough water for your body type. Cut out sugary drinks and extreme alcohol intake. 

Embracing Mindfulness: Gratitude 

Whether you’re embarking on your post-holiday reset or exploring ways to cultivate mindfulness in the upcoming year, Dawn strongly encourages focusing on gratitude. She explains, “It is an essential practice – just like yoga or meditation.” She practices daily gratitude by acknowledging what she’s thankful for, addressing the negativity she’s releasing, and channeling positivity. For those seeking a more profound understanding, she recommends exploring Neil Pasricha’s insights on gratitude. 

Set The Tone For 2024: New & Healthy Habits

Dawn is enthusiastic about incorporating more exercise into her routine. “There should be no excuse to move our bodies, even with our hectic life schedules! I will be striving to include what I call ‘mini bursts of energy.'” Prioritizing even a brief exercise session can significantly enhance daily mental and physical well-being.

As part of her plan to embrace healthier habits without sacrificing social experiences, one new practice she plans to adopt is zero-proof cocktails. This way, she can enjoy outings with friends or family while maintaining her commitment to a healthier lifestyle. 

When adopting new health or wellness routines, it’s crucial to prioritize recovery. One of Dawn’s favorite ways to recover is contrast therapy with alternating thermal bathing and cold plunging. Contrast therapy is a great way to decrease inflammation in the body, boost recovery from intense exercise, increase endorphins, and improve sleep patterns. This is a favorite service at our brand new Boston location! In addition to hot and cold therapy, there will be a unique array of wellness offerings, including therapeutic massage, IV therapy, reflexology, cupping, and much more. At Release, we’re here to help you make your health a top priority for the upcoming year!