A note on Mother’s Day from our Marketing Manager:

Before I ever considered Release as a place to work, I was a yoga & spa client 🙂 In 2019, I had just moved with my husband from Boston to Grafton and was slowly discovering all the beautiful things Central Mass has to offer. My mother-in-law, Nancy, had just been diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer and was working through chemotherapy at the time. As a family, we were looking for ways to connect and cope with the scary diagnoses. So when Nancy suggested getting together with my Mom for a spa day at Release, my husband and I jumped at the chance! 

We did the whole shebang! We started with a morning yoga class, enjoyed individual massages, had lunch at Nourish, and spent time in all the Bliss rooms. We laughed. Took funny photos and enjoyed each other’s company without distraction. Release offered the perfect environment for taking care of ourselves while nurturing one another. It was priceless.

Time has this funny way of blending the years. The older and busier we get, the more our lives can become a blur. Creating meaningful experiences can be an important way to keep track of memories we don’t want to fade away.

For my husband and I, having this special moment with our Moms is one of the most cherished memories we have from that time. As I embark on the journey of Motherhood myself, It will become a story that I share with my daughter, who unfortunately will not get to meet Nancy. 

So as this Mother’s Day approaches, I encourage everyone to invest in wholesome experiences. Allow yourself to dig a little deeper with those you love. Whether it’s a simple walk around the park or a session in the Bliss salt room, take a moment to ask yourself how you can create more moments that you’ll never forget. Be it with yourself, your Mother or a friend.

-By Laura Loewy

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  • Stacey

    My friend and I have been twice – to celebrate my birthday. Both times have been very special and meaningful– we both love it there.
    It is an excellent place to recharge and connect.

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