We are experiencing an extraordinary moment in our history. In addition to grappling with an unprecedented public health crisis and an economic shock that has forced us to adapt on the fly, we are now facing a social upheaval that challenges all of us to think and act differently.

Our mission at Release, and in fact the very name Release, stands for letting go of anything that stands in the way of well-being and community, such as hatred, judgement, gossip and negativity, in order to make room for love, light and all that boosts well-being and builds community. In the spirit of our mission, the Release team plans to take action to support the black community.

Over the next few weeks we will offer several donation classes to raise money for racial equity and social justice causes. You may register for these classes on our website or branded app. Instructors will accept cash and venmo donations, and information will be provided with class registration. Below is a complete list of classes.

June 15th 7:30pm Barre/Cycle with Caitlin and Christi: proceeds go to ColorofChange.org
June 17th 8:15pm Live Stream Crystal Bowl Healing with Laura: proceeds go to The Lighthouse, Black Girl Projects.
June 17th 5:30pm Yoga Flow with Marianne: proceeds go to Black Lives Matter.
June 17th 4:15am Bootcamp with Melissa: proceeds go to ColorofChange.org
June 17th 6:30pm Cycle with Jamie: proceeds go to Black Lives Matter.
June 19th 9:00am Barre with Barb: proceeds go to Black Lives Matter.
June 19th 10am Heart Opening Flow with Jen: proceeds go to the Loveland Foundation. https://thelovelandfoundation.org/
June 21st 8am Bootcamp with Donna: proceeds go to CTheconsciouskid.org
June 21st 8:15am Cycle with Jenny: proceeds will go to ColorofChange.org
June 22nd Noon Yin with Eileen: proceeds go to >ACLU, MA chapter.
June 22nd 5:30pm Yoga Flow and Restore with Rebecca: proceeds go to NAACP
June 24th 8:15am Cycle with Joan: proceeds go to Black Lives Matter.

We hope that you will join us as we stand in solidarity with our fellow humans and declare that Black Lives Matter.