Lately I have been seeing the phrase “#Blessed” a lot on social media. I have to admit every time I see it, it makes me smile. To me it implies that someone is expressing gratitude, joy or just plain old-fashioned happiness. Who doesn’t love that feeling of great contentment inside? You feel like you want to share it with everyone!

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week there are a lot of reasons to feel #Blessed, such as having your family all home gathered together. Perhaps your spouse was just offered a job after being laid off, or your parent received good news about medical tests. All of those events big and small give you that warm feeling inside that life is good – that is what grateful feels like.

As we prepare to open our doors at Release Well-Being Center in a few short weeks and welcome you into our Release home, we have many reasons to feel #Blessed about our amazing space and everything that will be happening inside our buildings. Your well-being is important to us and something else we want you to feel #blessed about. The very definition of well-being is a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity.

For some the approaching holidays can have a different take and be slightly overwhelming leaving you to feel #Stressed ! It is a busy time of year with so much to do and being pulled in many directions can take a toll. If you find yourself feeling #Stressed and you need to hit the reset button Release has many ways to help make that happen so you can take time for you. Imagine yourself… working your muscles and relaxing all at once in a heated energizing vinyasa yoga class; releasing your stressors in a strength training session; clearing your mind in the himalayan salt room; working up a good sweat in the infrared sauna before the in-laws arrive; or meeting your friend at our cafe Nourish for lunch – just because.

Can you picture yourself enjoying these amenities? How about your family, friends, co-workers? Perhaps you know someone who could use a little pampering and a gift certificate for a treatment or membership from Release is just the ticket! Gift certificates and memberships are now available through on homepage on the site!

We want to meet you where you are and hope that when you walk out of the door at Release you leave feeling as grateful as we are, that you took time for yourself. We recognize that there are many area options and we will be there to ensure that you feel you made the right choice with us. Release Well-Being Center looks forward to seeing you soon!

-Rachel Murray, Wellness Education