Contrast Therapy Sessions at Release encourage self-exploration and finding your purpose.

Opening March 2024! Bookings will be accepted soon. Stay tuned for details and updates.

Class Descriptions


Release is pleased to introduce Release Contrast Method to our Boston location. Release Contrast Method focuses on optimizing physical well-being and alleviating feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and depression. 

Each session will begin with a facilitator guiding groups of 8-10 participants through sequences of hot and cold therapy. The group will start in a sauna for approximately 10-12 minutes, followed by a brief rinse, and then a 3-minute immersion in a cold plunge. This cycle will be repeated three times, with a total session lasting about 45 minutes.

Throughout the session, the facilitator will lead the group through guided breathwork, meditation, and communal sharing to enhance and augment the many benefits the Release Contrast Method provides: 

  • Improved Circulation: The alternating dilation and constriction of blood vessels are believed to improve circulation, which can help with muscle recovery and the delivery of nutrients to tissues.
  • Boosted Immune System: Regular cold exposure can boost the immune system, possibly due to the increased production of white blood cells, leading to fewer viral illnesses. 
  • Improved Mental Health: This practice can lead to the release of endorphins, or natural mood lifters in the brain, that can help reduce stress and anxiety. 
  • Increased Metabolism: The body burns calories as it works to regulate its temperature during the hot and cold exposures. This can potentially lead to a temporary boost in metabolism. 
  • Reduced Inflammation: Cold exposure has been shown to reduce inflammation which can be beneficial for people with inflammatory conditions or for reducing exercise-induced muscle soreness. 

Enhanced Stress Response: Regularly engaging in this practice can help train the body’s stress response, potentially making individuals more resilient to physical and mental stress.

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