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Release Boston Pop-Up

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Open weekdays from 12:00pm - 5:00pm

until we officially open in late February

99 Park Plaza Boston, MA 02116
Join us at our new location in Back Bay Boston to learn more about our services and experiences, meet the staff members, and purchase gift cards and select retail available!


New Spa Services

Seasonal Aromatherapy Treatments

Restore – Enhance your massage experience with our proprietary blend designed to melt away stress and anxiety and improve sleep.  The natural properties of thyme, myrrh and frankincense reduce the effects of inflammation, while lemongrass leaves you feeling invigorated and energized.

Recover – Boost the impact of your massage with the warming effects of myrrh, clove, peppermint, and ginger essential oils to soothe your sore muscles and calm inflammation.  The perfect post-workout therapeutic treatment.

Higher Dimensional Energy treatment is frequencies from the 5th dimension and higher. We go through all the dimensions and draw down the highest, most appropriate frequencies for you at this time. The higher vibrations tend to push out the emotional burdens that get stuck in our being and keep us from growing emotionally and spiritually. These energetic blocks eventually manifest into dis-ease in the physical body. When vibration is raised you take a higher perspective on the issues and situations thus allowing you to respond instead of just reacting. Every session is different as you are getting what you need at the moment. Some of the most common reactions are a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

Sugar Foot Scrub 

Help your tired feet feel rejuvenized with creamy milk and honey sugar scrub.  Feel the warmth of your feet being wrapped up in hot towels while having sugar scrub exfoliate the bottom and sides of your feet.  This is a great treatment built into your session to help relieve your cracked and achy feet.  This treatment is finished off with a thick cream applied to your feet, helping them feel supple and soft.

CBD Spot Treatment 

Have a big pain that will not go away?  Try a highly concentrated, 5000mg CBD spot salve treatment.  Our warming salve, like Tiger Balm, offers a slow-building heat effect for those stubborn aches and pains.  Our therapists highly recommend this treatment.  It feels fabulous!

Deep Muscle Therapy

Enhance your deep tissue session with a hot/cold treatment.  While using the warming ointment of Passage to help penetrate deeper into your muscles and the cooling gel of BioFreeze to help with better pain-relief in your muscles.  This is an excellent post-workout treatment to help you feel more refreshed.

Additional Questions?

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