coaching-programHave you ever gone to a traditional fitness center, yoga studio, spa or healthy café and left feeling renewed and inspired? Perhaps you learned to meditate, tried a new fitness regimen, received some great self-care tips, or enjoyed healthy and delicious new food. As you approached your daily routine, were you able to integrate these new habits and knowledge? Do you know what you need to be healthy and successful, but can’t quite manage to get there? What if you had a caring, knowledgeable and inspiring guide to help you to be truly well and achieve your objectives? At Release Well-Being Center, we have a dedicated coaching team to help you achieve those goals!

We have built a coaching program to provide you with the best tools and teachers to show you the path towards a vibrant, healthy and successful life, while supporting you along the way to make your new habits last a lifetime. Our professional coaching staff brings decades of experience and know-how from their respective fields.

achievementThere are many ways for you to benefit from the Release wellness education and coaching programs. In order to make coaching accessible for all, we offer a range of options. Release offers not only powerful one-on-one sessions, but also intriguing workshops and seminars, special events and forums, inspiring speakers and engaging group-coaching sessions. Topics may include Eating with Purpose, Flourishing Within a Stressful Life, Walk to Run, Power of Positivity, Mindful Parenting, Women’s Empowerment, Wellness & Mindfulness for Teens, Fighting Fatigue and countless more.

Check out our wellness forums if you’re looking for the camaraderie and commitment of a group of like-minded people moving toward their wellness goals. A coach/facilitator leads these groups and participants learn to support, hold one another accountable in positive ways, and finally to self-facilitate so they can continue to work together outside of Release. This is a highly-effective and satisfying way to benefit from coaching.