How To Bring Holistic Corporate Wellness To The Team

The value of fostering wellness in the workplace cannot be overstated! As more companies assess the well-being of their staff in 2023, they realize that providing corporate-sponsored health programs can create a top-down culture of wellness. When employees are cared for physically and mentally, their performance follows the same positive path–in fact, they’re 2x more likely to thrive in their life overall. 

Integrating a corporate wellness plan is the perfect way to build relationships and bonds between teams and employees, whether you participate in a wellness retreat or choose from one of our other innovative programs. Read on to learn about the value of investing in wellness programs that keep everyone on your team healthy and productive.

What is Corporate Wellness at Release Well-Being Center?

Companies of any size can make an affordable investment in the health of their employees! At Release, you’ll find comprehensive and cutting-edge wellness opportunities that promote self-care. Your team is the foundation of your business, and by practicing self-care, your employees will bring greater energy into their lives and focus into their work. 

Each week, our state-of-the-art facility offers more than 85 fitness, yoga, and educational activities. And at the heart of our programs are the industry’s top fitness trainers, yoga instructors, and spa providers. Based on your company’s needs, they’ll develop a personalized approach by tailoring the wellness program that meets your specific needs and goals. Together, you’ll create a sense of community and social connection with the team. At our beautiful sanctuary, your group will truly spend time getting to know each other on a deeper level. 

One of our favorite offerings is our Corporate Wellness Retreat. This full or half-day option of transformative healing includes:

For a full day, the team can enjoy:
  • A 90-minute experiential workshop that best meets your goals for the day
  • Choice of 60-minute fitness class, yoga class, meditation or crystal bowl healing
  • Enjoy a catered lunch from our Nourish Cafe
  • 4 hours of Bliss with 30-minute private coaching sessions and 30-minute massage or facials per attendee
For a half-day, the team will participate in the following:
  • Choice of 60-minute fitness or yoga classes
  • 2 hours of Bliss with a 10-minute chair massage per attendee
  • Access to our Nourish Cafe


If your team prefers an in-house or virtual solution, Release has you covered! One of our wellness experts can provide a 30 or 60-minute fitness or yoga class live at your location or virtually via Zoom. We can also incorporate add-ons, from 60-minute wellness coaching sessions to well-being assessments, cooking demos, chair massage and educational workshops to keep you motivated on the path to optimal well-being.  

The Five Petal Approach

We believe in a “Five Petal” Approach to holistic wellness that encompasses movement, mindfulness, recovery, nourishment, and discovery. Nourishing all five petals is essential to maintaining a healthy mind, body, and soul. Each petal has a unique experience central to our wellness offerings:

Benefits Breakdown For Employers & Employees

Boost Morale and Positivity

At Release, we have a reputation for providing local organizations with the opportunity to relax and recharge. Our corporate wellness offerings (in-person or virtual) do more than keep you moving! It’ll also increase employee morale and retention, particularly for many of our clients.

“We offered virtual Burst and virtual Vinyasa Yoga to our employees in April through Release Well-being Center,” said one of our prior participants. “The amount of appreciation and happiness that was expressed to us from our employees was iconic! The instructors were phenomenal, and the employees loved every minute of sweating and stretching!”

Boost Mood, Self-Esteem, and Energy

Wellness programs can motivate employees to live healthier lifestyles. Our workshops and guided classes strongly emphasize dynamic health and fitness training, which is an excellent way to improve concentration and output on the job. These routines will help you get your day off to a good start and continue your workdays with renewed energy, improved moods, and high self-esteem.

Optimize Health and Well-Being

There is a direct link between a company’s commitment to growth and staff retention and its wellness programs. We understand your desire to provide a fun, engaging day–and we can create it for you at our wellness center near Boston. Guided breathwork, meditation, yoga, and crystal bowl healing await.

Ready To Reset & Rejuvenate?

Daily exercise, eating a well-balanced meal, and engaging in endorphin-boosting activities are all within reach! With Release as your wellness partner, you can customize and implement a full or half-day program best suited for you and your organization’s needs. Contact our team or visit our website to learn more about our corporate wellness options.