This time of year finds many people contemplating thoughts relating to New Years resolutions and saying  “this year is going to be my year to_______  fill in the blank.”  The New Year is 100% the perfect time to ditch old habits, make positive habits, and bring forward the new and improved you!

With out a doubt changing old habits and behavior is not easy and it usually starts out full force ahead for a couple of weeks or a month and then the excuses start rolling in.   Let me ask you this – what kind of goals did you actually set for yourself?  Were they realistic or pie in the sky kind of goals?  Making a goal for yourself of working out 6 days a week if you have never been a “work out person” might not be realistic for you right now.  Or deciding that you are going to start eating healthy – but you don’t cook. These goals are really only addressing the surface – your outer layer.  Sort of like a band-aid. What about digging a little deeper and harder?

In order to have the best chance for being the BEST you and really making some permanent behavior changes you need to look at your goals at the most basic level and dig a little deeper.  Have you ever considered working with a Wellness Coach?

At Release Our Health and Wellness Coaches take a holistic approach, guiding you to examine all aspects of your life. How are your habits and beliefs affecting your health and well-being? What are the concrete and measurable changes you could make to improve your mind, body, or spirit? Areas of focus may include nutrition, fitness, yoga and meditation, stress reduction, addiction, lifestyle adjustments, and learning to create balance in relationships, work, family and free time.

Our caring and committed Coaches work closely with you to self-assess, set goals, remove obstacles and achieve your desired results to develop a program that is both life-altering and sustainable, tailored just for you.

2017 is here and is calling you to look ahead!  This really is the year for you to make positive change and bring forward the best YOU.   We look forward to seeing you at Release.