“We offered virtual Burst and virtual Vinyasa Yoga to our employees in April through Release Well-Being Center. The amount of appreciation and happiness that was expressed to us from our employees was iconic! The instructors were phenomenal and the employees loved every minute of sweating and stretching! This was one of our most well received virtual events. Thank you Release for all you do!” L.J., Human Resources
June is Employee Wellness Month! Your employees are the very core of your business. When they embrace the importance of consistent self-care, they bring more joy, positivity and purpose into their lives, as well as more energy and focus to work. You can encourage your team to prioritize self-care while showing them how much you appreciate them by introducing workplace wellness initiatives. Check out a few ideas below. 
Wellness Wednesday – Start with just one day a week and provide your employees with Wellness tips, chair massage, yoga or fitness classes during lunch or a healthy snack for employees to grab!
Step Challenges – We all know we are supposed to get 10,000 steps a day and this month set up a company challenge to help encourage employees to move after work or throughout breaks during the day.
Plan a retreat – Your next work outing can incorporate wellness. Plan a hike to enjoy the outdoors, attend a wellness seminar or plan a day at a wellness center (we know a place 😊)
There are many more ways to incorporate wellness into your daily lives and these are just some of them. We love to see groups making strides to a healthier lifestyle! If you are seeking ideas to show your team please reach out to us and we are happy to help! Email donne@releasewellbeingcenter.com for more info.