June is Employee Wellness Month! Did you know the mental well-being of your employees can impact their quality of work? As an employer you can help your employees deal with their stress and help them feel appreciated and create wellness initiatives in the work environment. Studies show that investing in employee’s wellness can help improve productivity, decrease sick days and improve retention of employees!

Here at Release, we are grateful to work in a place that encourages a healthy and complete lifestyle, but we know not ever employer understands the benefits wellness can bring to a company. There are so many ways to include wellness into an employee’s week day and to help educate employees on how to improve their wellness by making small changes.

Wellness Wednesday – Start with just one day a week and provide your employees with Wellness tips, walks on lunch or a healthy snack for employees to grab!

Step Challenges – We all know we are supposed to get 10,000 steps a day and this month set up a company challenge to help encourage employees to move after work or throughout breaks during the day.

Set up connections – Ask your employees for referrals on health and wellness provides and share the information with the staff! Support small businesses by getting local referrals for your employees to look into!

Plan a retreat – Your next work outing can incorporate wellness. Plan a hike to enjoy the outdoors, attend a wellness seminar or plan a day at a wellness center (we know a place 😊)


There are many more ways to incorporate wellness into your daily lives and these are just some of them. We love to see groups making strides to a healthier lifestyle! If you own a company and are looking for ideas please reach out to us and we are happy to help!