Fall Nutrition Challenge

Fall Nutrition Challenge

With Coach Donne

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Nutritional Kickstart – How to incorporate a nutritional lifestyle in just 8 weeks with Donne

Do you feel sluggish? Do you struggle with sleep? Do you find that you do not feel confident in
your own skin? Do you tell yourself you want to be stronger, leaner, and healthier? Have you
said “I know how to eat healthy but I just need to do it?” If you answered “Yes” to any of these
questions then this program is for you!

Forget carb cutting, point systems, calorie counting, feeling deprived — Donne’s approach will empower you to live, eat and enjoy a healthy lifestyle and you will feel great and get leaner, stronger and more energized.

Donne’s approach is simple, effective and a life change. This is not a diet. This is a kickstart to
your new way of eating and enjoying nutritious foods that will help to give you energy,
sleep better, give you better skin and hair, and most likely you will lose fat while increasing
muscle tone.

The Program
You will follow some basic guidelines and with community support as well as the support and guidance from Donne you will incorporate new healthy habits to sustain this program through the holidays and beyond. The program begins with an analysis of your personal eating habits, your personal InBody scan body composition results and then with that information you will get a personal nutrition plan. This plan will include your personal macronutrient balance, your daily calorie intake and tips to maintain this forever.  

You will get tips on:

Meal Balance. You will learn what actually makes a well-balanced meal. This will include how to balance your macronutrients, what types of food does this include portion sizes and what role food plays in our lives?

Meal Timing. Take a deep dive into how many meals you should be eating per day, how long you should wait between meals and why eating every couple hours might not be the recipe to success for boosting your metabolism.

Planning and Prepping. When it comes to meal prepping, it can seem overwhelming as you try to search for the perfect recipes that taste delicious AND are also aligned with your health goals. You will get tips on how to plan and prep your weekly meals coupled with recipes that will save you time to cook healthy nutritious meals.

Mindful Eating. You will tune in to your body’s built-in signals of hunger and fullness. Cultivate a healthier connection with your food and understand how hormones, stress, boredom and more can sabotage your personal nutritious goals.

Reading Labels: You will learn to consciously read food labels and what to look for. 

The  kick off event is on October 1st in the Nourish Cafe at 6pm. Registration ends on September 28th.

Each person can meet with Donne on October 1st from 10am-11am or 4:30pm-6pm to get their personal food journal and their InBody Scan.

Community and Support:
Each participant will download the GroupMe app to communicate, support and motivate each other. You will receive tips, recipes and meal plans via email as well as through the app. Donne will have three virtual or in-person meetings with the group throughout the program. The end of the program the group will come together again for a last InBody scan to see real results in change in body composition and discuss moving forward.

This program is a kick start to your new healthy lifestyle!


Donne Railsback

Donne is a Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach, a NASM Weight-loss Specialist, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and has 20 years in the fitness and wellness industry. Donne has worked with many women and men to help them meet their personal goals and is driven to help people live a healthy lifestyle through food and exercise.


Non-member price: $375

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