Frequencies For Your Life

Light and Heat Therapy Educational Workshop

With Claudia Moriel

Saturday, April 22nd, 2023
1:00pm – 3:00pm

Free Educational Event

Do you feel your personal potential…
Right there at your reach…
Yet you can’t quite access it?
You want more!
Energy, Clarity or Fitness BUT HOW?

Healy & MagHealy

Individual Microcurrent Wearable Device

Lucia Light

Brain Training Frequencies

Health and Wellness Technology is the Future!

Claudia Moriel is at the forefront in her application of these devices to help BioHack your way with EASE to a NEW YOU. Come spend some time learning about these new tools.

They are the cutting edge and Claudia is here to introduce you to what they have to offer and how. Everything is frequency, we are being inundated with it all day long. Think of your car radio. When you are in ‘dis-ease’ you hear static. But when you hit the right Frequency say 107.9 the radio station you love comes in
crystal clear.

Claudia is a master at layering techniques and Technology. Let her show you how to be in the driver’s of your life and TUNE yourself to the Frequencies of Energy, Vitality, Clarity and Fitness!

If you can’t change your mind how are you going to change your habits and access your desires and your ambitions.

Claudia will explain how the technology of flickering light will support your brain in producing flow state brain waves so that you can access your fullest potential. You will have the opportunity to try some of these devices and book appointments in the future.

Layout of the event:
  • I bring all of my technology and set up technology around the room for people to
  • I give a 20 minute talk on tech and how it works.
  • I create a Frequency Lounge where people can try the different tech with myself and a helper.


Claudia Moriel

Claudia combines her Intuitive Channeling with cutting edge technology that bridges the gap between Science and Spirituality. Working with the Lucia Light & Healy to help her clients access their highest potential.


This event is FREE.

Contact us for more information and to register.