From Manning Up to Opening Up: Nurturing Men’s Social and Emotional Wellness

From Manning Up to Opening Up: Nurturing Men's Social and Emotional Wellness

With Drew Pearlman

Wednesday, June 26th from 7pm – 9pm

Location: 28 Arlington Street, Boston, MA 02116

In this workshop, we aim to break down the barriers that prevent men from fully
exploring and embracing their social and emotional well-being. Through interactive
activities, discussions, and reflections, participants will learn practical strategies to
connect with themselves and others on a deeper level.

Workshop Objectives:
1. Understand the societal expectations and stereotypes that often limit men’s
expression of emotions.
2. Explore the importance of social and emotional wellness for overall well-being.
3. Identify and challenge personal barriers to opening up and seeking support.
4. Learn effective communication skills to express emotions and connect with
others authentically.
5. Cultivate self-compassion and empathy towards oneself and others.
6. Develop a personalized action plan for ongoing social and emotional growth.

Workshop Structure:
1. Introduction (15 minutes)
● Welcome and introduction to the workshop’s goals and objectives.
● Icebreaker activity to create a supportive and inclusive atmosphere.

2. Understanding Social and Emotional Wellness (10 minutes)
● Presentation or discussion on the importance of social and emotional wellness
for men’s overall health and happiness.
● Exploring societal norms and stereotypes related to masculinity and emotions.

3. Breaking Barriers (25 minutes)
● Group discussion and reflection on personal experiences with expressing
emotions and seeking support.
● Identifying common barriers and misconceptions.

4. Release Contrast Method Session (45 minutes)
● Contrast Therapy (alternating exposure to heat and cold) with breathwork,
meditation and sharing, creating a safe container for building and maintaining
meaningful connections with others.

● Cultivate self-compassion and empathy.

5. Action Planning (15 minutes)
● Personal reflection time to identify specific actions for fostering social and
emotional wellness.
● Sharing and feedback session to support each other’s goals.

6. Closing and Next Steps (10 minutes)
● Recap of key takeaways from the workshop.
● Encouragement to continue the journey of self-discovery and growth beyond the

Launch and Father’s Day Celebration:
● Promote the workshop through various channels within the Release community,
emphasizing its relevance to Father’s Day and the importance of supporting
men’s well-being.
● Offer special incentives or discounts for participants who sign up as a Father’s
Day gift to themselves or their loved ones.
With careful planning and thoughtful execution, this workshop has the potential to
empower men within the Release community to embrace vulnerability, foster deeper
connections, and prioritize their social and emotional well-being.


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Drew Pearlman

Drew Pearlman, Functional Medicine Practitioner, trained at the world-renowned School of Applied Functional Medicine and also received certification from the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner program (GAPS) and the Heart Math Practitioner program.

In his work with clients, Drew takes a holistic approach by diving into the various layers of health, including nutrition, movement, breathing, sleep, stress, connection with nature as well as mindset, beliefs and life purpose. He utilizes a detailed health history, symptoms questionnaire, recent lab work and personal health goals and works with his clients to design a plan that is unique for each person.