Healthy Night Out With Dima Bosko

Healthy Night Out Yoga Class

With Dima Bosko

5:30pm – 8:30pm

Join Dima Bosko for the January Healthy Night Out! The night will start with Dima’s yoga class, and then it will be followed by a dinner made by Chef Willy, and the night will end in Bliss!
In this class session, Dima will demystify Yoga and introduce it as a simple and accessible practice to incorporate within our daily life. Dima will teach students some simple tools to help enliven their bodies and soothe and regulate their nervous system. These will include movements, breathing patterns and somatic experiencing practices that Dima has simplified over the years.
5:00pm Check In
5:30pm Yoga Class with Dima
6:30pm Dinner
7:30pm Bliss
8:30pm Closing


Nonmembers price: $75

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Dima Bosko

Dima Bosko, creator of One Voice Yoga is one of the leading voices of functional yoga in the Metrowest area. Dima conducts Yoga lifestyle intensives and 200/500 Teacher Trainings that emphasize the practical application of spiritual illumination,  embodiment practices and functional movement.  Her interest lies in demystifying the teachings of yoga to make them practical to every *body* and relevant for our daily life.

As a student of consciousness for 25 years, Dima has over 3000 hours of training in mindfulness and yoga and has spent many years immersed in women’s circles and ceremonies with wise elders and distinguished  embodiment experts from around the world.  In addition, she is trained in a number of different modalities like Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Somatic Experiencing and the Gene Keys.

Most importantly, Dima’s work is grounded in her own recovery from states of suffering including depression, anxiety, addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her years of immersion in psychological and spiritual disciplines was bolstered by her unwavering determination to heal the imprint of trauma on her body, behavior and relationships.

Dima lives in Ashland, MA with her husband, two daughters and dog.  She teaches regular yoga classes and works with people privately and in groups. She always provides an environment of stillness and self acceptance that supports people’s natural unfoldment towards wholeness. As a yoga instructor, she combines movement, breath work, music, touch and chanting to deliver a delightfully unique group experience.  Her classes offer a balance of stability and fluidity, strength and relaxation. She is best known for her dynamic, light hearted personality and clarity of instruction.