Mystical Healthy Night Out

Mystical Healthy Night Out

With Yoga Instructor Gina

NEW DATE! MARCH 1ST 4:30pm – 8:30pm

It’s going to be magical night that you won’t want to miss! 

Join Gina for an intuitive yoga flow, Brianna for a special night of Aura Readings, and a magical menu made by Chef Willy in our Nourish Cafe! 

Everyone has the ability to experience inner knowing, also known as intuition. In this 1 hour yoga class, Gina will lead an intuitive vinyasa yoga flow. Students will learn to follow and trust their intuition through curious creative movements. Learn to let the wisdom and intuition of your body and soul guide you! 

Brianna does a unique form of aura reading where she sees multidimensional shapes and colors in your energetic field. Each detail means something different based on where it shows up in the body and chakra system. Her clients have shared that they get clarity, empowerment, and deep insight from their readings with her. 

To participate in an aura reading, there are 12 spots available before and after the yoga class for an additional $40 per person for a 10 minute reading. 

Learn more about Brianna and her readings on her website at:

Schedule For The Night

4:15pm Check in if you signed up for an aura reading before the class

4:30pm Available spots for aura readings

5:00pm Regular check in if you do not have an aura readings before the class

5:30pm Yoga class starts with Gina

6:30pm Dinner in Nourish Cafe made by Chef Willy / available spots for aura readings

7:30pm Enjoy our Bliss experiences including the Himalayan Salt Room, Eucalyptus Steam Room, Sun Sauna, and Mineral Spa Tub / available spots for aura readings

8:30pm Closing for the night


Nonmembers price: $75

Members will receive 20% discount at checkout



Gina Mandella

Gina is a passionate yoga instructor with over 20 years of experience in movement and alignment. She specializes in teaching a smooth vinyasa flow, with elements and influences from Ineygar, Ashtanga, and Hatha Yoga. Gina’s deepest intentions are to open hearts and evoke growth and acceptance. She seeks to provide guidance to others as they journey into self-discovery and inner peace. Gina believes there are immense healing powers within yoga; she is dedicated to sharing and inspiring others to live their truth. Gina also holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Dance from Roger Williams University.