A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU: Transformation Workshop

A NEW YEAR, A NEW YOU: Transformation Workshop

With Drew Pearlman

5-Month Workshop from January to May

“If your mind isn’t clouded by unnecessary things, this is the best season of your life.” Wu-Men

Join transformation coach, filmmaker and author Drew Pearlman and learn powerful practices to jump start your New Year and achieve your most heartfelt goals and fullest potential. Even in the face of life’s greatest challenges, we still have an opportunity to evolve, grow, and even thrive in our lives.

Drew will guide you step by step through five (5) foundational core areas of optimal health, inner peace, and personal power:

  1. Mindset and Limiting Beliefs (January 13th)
  2. Breathwork (February 10th)
  3. Ancestral Cooking and Eating (March 9th)
  4. Moving in Nature (April 13th)
  5. Self-Love (May 11th)

Invest in yourself and learn profoundly powerful healing tools and transformative practices.

The workshop runs for 5-months from January through May, meeting on the second Saturday of each month from 3:00pm – 4:30pm. 

Throughout the five months, there is a 90-minute class plus additional Q&A focusing on a different core theme: Mindset, Breathwork, Moving in Nature, Ancestral Cooking and Eating and Self-Love.

Stop settling and make this the best year of your life!


Non-member price: $449

Early bird special if you sign up before the end of the year: $399

Members get 20% off $449 (cannot be combined with early bird discount)


Optional Add-ons

One 60-minute transformational coaching session with Drew to dive deeper into these core areas = value $300, price with program $250

Access to 3 days of bliss at Release Westboro or Boston = value $225, price with program $150




Drew Pearlman

Drew Pearlman, Functional Medicine Practitioner, trained at the world-renowned School of Applied Functional Medicine and also received certification from the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner program (GAPS) and the Heart Math Practitioner program.

In his work with clients, Drew takes a holistic approach by diving into the various layers of health, including nutrition, movement, breathing, sleep, stress, connection with nature as well as mindset, beliefs and life purpose. He utilizes a detailed health history, symptoms questionnaire, recent lab work and personal health goals and works with his clients to design a plan that is unique for each person.