Shaman Drumming Meditation

Shaman Drumming Meditation

With Rhys Thomas

1:00pm – 3:00pm

Experience the power and fulfillment of a Shamanic Drumming and Rhythm Healing facilitated by world renowned healer Rhys Thomas. Embark on a journey to self-discovery and connect with the spiritual realm. Let the drum guide you!

Shamanic drumming and Rhythm healing have powerful benefits to help with healing, seeking guidance, and heightened self awareness.

Workshop Outline:

  1. Preparation with Sacred Feather Smudge: We’ll begin by cleansing your energy and preparing your spiritual self with a sacred feather smudge. This ritual sets the tone for the journey ahead.
  2. Discussion on Shamanic Inner Travel and How to Journey: Learn the essence of shamanic inner travel and the methodologies of undertaking a shamanic journey. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting your spiritual exploration, you’ll find value in this enlightening discussion.
  3. Two Shamanic Journeys:
    • First Journey: Embark on the first drum-led journey to explore your inner self and connect with animal spiritual guidance.
    • Sharing and Journaling: Reflect on your experience, share insights, and take time to write in your journal.
    • Second Journey: Delve deeper into the shamanic realms with a second journey, further exploring your spiritual connection and guidance.
    • Sharing and Journaling: A chance to share your second journey’s experiences, reflect, and journal your thoughts.

4. Crystal Bowl Integration Meditation: To conclude the session we will be using a soothing crystal bowl meditation, allowing the energies and insights of the journey to integrate fully within you. This will help you to ground and carry the wisdom with you as you return to everyday life.


You will leave the workshop feeling less stressed with improved focus and concentration. It will help open intuitive wisdom to Earth energies that guide and support you in releasing old life patterns and in doing so create a desire for a healthier lifestyle, and improved overall health!

Whether you’re new to shamanic practices or have been on many journeys, this workshop offers a rich and supportive environment to explore and grow. All are welcome!


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