Spring Nutrition Challenge

With Cyndy Bohn

8 week program from March 13th-May 8th

The Challenge!

Whether your goal is to boost well-being, lose weight or change your body composition, having an individualized and sustainable nutrition plan is key. Join wellness expert Cyndy Bohn for an 8 week program that will help you attain your specific goals.

Cyndy’s method is simple and effective. By following a flexible nutrition plan with assigned macronutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats ) you will plan and track meals while still being able eat the foods you love as long as you adhere to your assigned numbers.The program will begin with a kickoff meeting on March 9th at 6pm. Cyndy will share the concept of eating to reach your macronutrient goals, provide a tutorial for using the MyFitnessPal tracking app and share tips to get the most out of the program. Participants will have the opportunity to meet one another and learn how to support one another during the program and hold each other accountable in positive ways. You will also receive an Inbody Scan that will break down your body composition and allow for more precise guidance as well as tracking progress.

Individual and Group Support

Cyndy will send you your personalized nutrition plan that takes into account your starting body composition and goals. During the course of the program you will track your food intake via MyFitness Pal. Cyndy will monitor your progress in MyFitness Pal, and update your plan as needed based on results. You will also email updates and questions to cyndybohn7@gmail.com every Monday before 5pm and Cyndy will respond with any adjustments needed.  She will facilitate a private Facebook group to support participants and provide a forum for collaboration among group members. The program will culminate with another InBody scan to show the results of the program.


Cyndy Bohn

Cyndy has 30 years of experience in the fitness and wellness industry. She has trained a wide variety of clients, from those with zero experience to elite athletes.

Cydny specializes in functional fitness, strength training, metabolic training, and nutrition. She is also trained in how to combine these variables for full body transformations. Cyndy utilizes her knowledge to create the best programming and the most comfortable environment for members to reach optimal health and wellness.

Cyndy is passionate about sharing her knowledge; nothing makes her happier than leading clients down a path of long term success


The investment for the 8 week program is $300.

Non-member pricing is $320.