Yoga Teacher Training Information Session

Yoga Teacher Training
Information Session

With Dima Bosko of One Voice

6-Month Teacher Training

Maybe you have talked to others or seen others who have participated in a yoga teacher training, or perhaps you just find the idea intriguing. Yet, you keep talking yourself out of it. You make excuses as to why it won’t work right now. You tell yourself teacher training is only for flexible students, those that can do impressive postures like handstand, or only for those that want to teach yoga.
What if those thoughts are simply holding you back from stepping into something extraordinary, even if teaching yoga is not on the horizon for you?
Think about what happens when you come together with other like minded individuals and share a yoga class experience.
This training welcomes all levels and may very well be your journey of a lifetime. Whether you are interested in teaching your own classes one day or looking to start/enhance your own practice, this training is for YOU.
Step out of your comfortable zone and discover a whole new connection to your own body as well as unlocking your confidence.
Information Session

In Person: Oct 14th, 12:30-1:30 at Release Wellbeing



Dima Bosko

Dima Bosko, creator of One Voice Yoga is one of the leading voices of functional yoga in the Metrowest area. Dima conducts Yoga lifestyle intensives and 200/500 Teacher Trainings that emphasize the practical application of spiritual illumination,  embodiment practices and functional movement.  Her interest lies in demystifying the teachings of yoga to make them practical to every *body* and relevant for our daily life.

As a student of consciousness for 25 years, Dima has over 3000 hours of training in mindfulness and yoga and has spent many years immersed in women’s circles and ceremonies with wise elders and distinguished  embodiment experts from around the world.  In addition, she is trained in a number of different modalities like Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, Dynamic Neural Retraining System, Somatic Experiencing and the Gene Keys.

Most importantly, Dima’s work is grounded in her own recovery from states of suffering including depression, anxiety, addiction and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Her years of immersion in psychological and spiritual disciplines was bolstered by her unwavering determination to heal the imprint of trauma on her body, behavior and relationships.

Dima lives in Ashland, MA with her husband, two daughters and dog.  She teaches regular yoga classes and works with people privately and in groups. She always provides an environment of stillness and self acceptance that supports people’s natural unfoldment towards wholeness. As a yoga instructor, she combines movement, breath work, music, touch and chanting to deliver a delightfully unique group experience.  Her classes offer a balance of stability and fluidity, strength and relaxation. She is best known for her dynamic, light hearted personality and clarity of instruction.


Early bird special price paid upfront (until November 15th): $3,000
Upfront price (paid after November 15th): $3,200
3 installment payment plan price (paid on January 1, March 1, May 1): $1,100 increments for a total of $3,300