It’s the month of love. The stores are full of candy hearts, red roses, and cards filled with mushy sentiment. The celebration of love is a beautiful thing, whether it be with a significant other, or a family member, or a close friend. But how many of us are taking this time to celebrate the most important relationship we have…the one with yourself!?
The way we treat our bodies and our minds directly effects the way we show up for others. It effects how we show up at home, at work, with our loved ones, and in our relationships.
When we take the time to care for our bodies and our mental health, it plays out as a ripple effect to all of those around us. At times, without us even realizing it, we can take our stress, insecurities, negative feelings and patterns, and project them to those around us…especially those we spend the most time with and feel the closest to.
This Valentine’s Day, before we take the time to celebrate those we love, take the time to celebrate yourself first (your loved ones will appreciate it!). Spend a little extra time celebrating your accomplishments, the person you are, and all that you bring to this world. Take the time to bring balance to your own self, before bringing it to others.
Stuck on how to treat yourself to a “me” date? Here are some ideas…

• Treat yourself to a solo spa day. Maybe some Bliss, a massage, or a facial.
• Move your body. Go for a walk, take a fitness or yoga class.
• Celebrate your body. Meditate, write down all that you are grateful for when it comes to YOU. Name all the ways that YOU love YOU. Celebrate YOUR accomplishments!
• Indulge yourself in a favorite meal, or your favorite dessert. Savor each bite and the moment.
• Buy yourself a gift…that new pair of shoes or that new watch you’ve had your eye on? Get it, and gift it to yourself.