fall for wellness

How I love summer! I revel in the long hours of daylight, minimal structure and slower pace that allow for spontaneous family hikes and barbecues with friends. I have to admit that my self-care in the summer often takes the form of fajitas and margaritas, and that’s perfect for me after the busyness and discipline of life in September through June.

Each year, as August winds down, I am ready to get back on a schedule and mindfully attend to my wellness needs. At present my wellness is pretty scattered. I have found my favorite teachers, classes, and workshops throughout my wellness journey, and so a journey (all over Westborough and neighboring towns,) it has become! I hit the gym for cycling and strength training, visit one studio for yoga, another studio for meditation and travel all over New England for great wellness education and nourishing food. Occasionally I sneak in a massage or facial, but not as often as needed, and before I know it I have essentially spent a full day in my car searching for my next wellness indulgence….. oh, how relaxing!

man looking at different paths

This fragmented approach to taking care of myself is expensive and time consuming but it’s the only way to access the best well-being offerings because, let’s be honest, if I don’t enjoy my wellness experience I’ll find reasons not to do it at all. My personal experience, as well as those of my family, friends and community, have shown me that self-care cannot be optional. Taking a break once in a while, sure. Picking and choosing what is really needed and what you can make happen, of course! But simply ignoring our wellness needs all-together takes a toll over time.

This notion to end the need to “dabble” across a spectrum of studios and spas in order to experience the best of the best in holistic wellness is the guiding principle behind my vision for Release. However, attempting to bring all aspects of wellness to one place and ensure that they are truly excellent is a VERY ambitious undertaking and cannot be done by one person. I have been incredibly fortunate to connect with the most amazing business leaders, designers, builders and wellness providers that shared their knowledge and experience with me to help create the vision and plans for Release. Many of the gurus of wellness I’ve met along the way have embraced the Release mission and joined our team. They will share their passion and expertise with you when you visit Release to take a Vinyasa, Kundalini, Guided Meditation or Barre class; attend a Healthy Heart, Chrystal Bowl Healing or Winter Warming Soups workshop; experience a therapeutic Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, deep cleansing HydraFacial, or healing acupuncture treatment; or enjoy a delicious green smoothie or sautéed Kale, Roasted Butternut Squash, Fennel and quínoa vegetarian bowl with ginger miso sauce.

We are getting ready this fall and can’t wait to share Release with you in December!

Looking forward,

Linda Townsend