A Conversation with Irit Schaffer, Author of Good Blood


On Monday, September 11 at 6:30 pm, author Irit Schaffer will facilitate a workshop based on her book Good Blood: A Journey of Healing. The book is a story of everyday people with extraordinary spirit and beyond-the-pale experiences that no one should ever have to endure. Through these family experiences, Schaffer uncovered the mysteries of the healing powers within us; the

resiliency of the human body and spirit; and the existence of light in every situation that helps us overcome and transcend any obstacle.


We sat down to speak with her about her journey and her book.


How did this book come to be?

This book was born when I was a little girl.  It’s inception came from my curiosity about my dad’s healing abilities. During the war, he was shot, had bullets taken out of his body without any medicine and didn’t scream once, suffered gangrene in his arm, healed himself and still had a twinkle in his eye and a love of life.


I’ve always wondered, “How is this possible? How does the body heal?”  This has been my quest since childhood.


Can you define “Good Blood”?

Well, I get into this throughout the book, but I can say that there are three components.


Believing in the possibilities is key.  If you don’t believe healing is possible, it can never happen. Your body will have a hard time accessing the healing powers within us.


You must also tap into a light – or the expansiveness where wisdom lies.  When we are in fear, it is hard for us to access wisdom.  We make choices that aren’t actually in our best interest and we often wonder later why we did that.  When we are in a state of expansiveness – where we see the bigger picture and are less attached to the outcome, we are tapping into a light, which is the opposite of what we do when we are in fear. We have to tap into that.


Finally, listening is both one of the hardest, and also the most important things for people to do.  Often, people are interpreting instead of listening.  When we are really listening, we are letting go of an expectation and we open ourselves to possibilities that are greater than our thoughts and open us to miracles.


What we think creates our reality.  There’s a powerful section in the book where I ask my father, “how are you able to still live life with a twinkle in your eye?” He replied that in every situation, there’s a positive and we have to look for it and plant it.  People have trouble when they forget to keep watering the seed. Even when he was a POW, he never focused on what he couldn’t do. He always focused on what he could do and the positive, otherwise, he wouldn’t have had any energy left to take care of himself.


My dad was never afraid to die.  He never worried about not healing. Instead he focused all his energies on healing.


How do you apply the principles in the book to your own life?

I practice these principles all the time.  Right now, for example, listening to the news can create problems. I react to the injustice and unfairness in the world and if I’m not careful, I can get caught in a vortex of fear.  So today, I’m practicing these principles all the time.


It is important to remember that the mind, body and spirit are so interconnected.  I’ve worked hard to become aware of all three to tap into it. When I work with patients, I try and help them to see what the body is telling us.  We have different vibrations, and through listening, I can tell if patients are suffering from something muscular-skeletal, or something toxic or a depletion, or if there’s an emotional component.  Our bodies are talking to us, and most people don’t know how to listen.


What can people do to increase their own healing power?


On my website I quote Hippocrates, “The natural Healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well.”


Our bodies are amazing and we have great healing powers.  Our job is to remove the blocks that prevent our bodies from healing themselves.


Join us for Irit’s incredibly special workshop where she will lead experiential and interactive demonstration showing how the mind, body, and spirit are connected and what we can learn from what our body is telling us. Sign up here: https://releasewellbeingcenter.com/offers-events-workshops/