Have You Ever Tried Chromotherapy?


Chromotherapy can also be called color therapy. It is an alternative therapy that exploits the healing power of colors to accelerate healing from mild pathologies and psychophysical imbalances. It is considered an alternative medicine that has been known since ancient times. Did you know that this therapy has been used for centuries? The first people that used colors to heal their bodies were the Egyptians. Ancient Egypt is known to be one of the first civilizations to discover how to use color therapy for healing practices. Indeed there have been many peoples and cultures who have attributed therapeutic powers to different colors, like the Chinese culture. In Chinese medicine, health is connected to colors. The Five Colors of Chinese medicine are connected with the use of elements that are good for the body and for your mood.

Another therapeutic use of lights can be also found in ancient Greece. Greeks built temples that were for healing purposes, the sunlight would enter and shine, creating different color light treatments, and each color represented various therapeutic, and divine elements.

Even an Indian scientist, Dinshah P. Ghadiali, published, in 1992, The Spectro Chromemetry Encyclopaedia, claiming to have discovered that different colored rays have many therapeutic effects for the organism, and the correct color can balance the action of any organ that hasn’t been working correctly.

The Use Of Chromotherapy Today And Its Innumerable Benefits

Nowadays, many people undergo and use Chromotherapy because of its many benefits for the human body and soul. It is one of the most effective and noninvasive ways to repair the body. The aim of chromotherapy is to use light in the form of color associated with a particular property, capable of stimulating a side of the human psyche and balancing energy on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental levels. It acts as a natural analgesic on hypotensive and inflammatory disorders. The therapy is a true healing function for your body.
Some of the benefits are: it helps reduce swelling and arthritis, it improves circulation, it relieves pain such as joint and back pain, it counteracts fatigue, it relaxes the nervous system, it alleviates emotional disorders, and it decreases inflammation. Last but not least, colored light therapy enhances your sleep, helps you with anxiety and depression, it is an alternative remedy for hyperactivity, and will surely change your mood!

Chromotherapy at Release Well Being Center Back Bay

What are you waiting for? If I haven’t convinced you yet and if you have never tried it, you should definitely pass by our wonderful location, at Release Well-Being Center, at 28 Arlington Street in Boston, for an hour or two-hour bliss pass! Immerse yourself into a blissful experience, try the two infrared saunas with two different lightings every day! I will share the schedule for Chromotherapy in infrared saunas for the week, as a way to start and end the week in the best way possible.


Weekly Calendar Of Our Chromotherapy Lightings

In one infrared sauna, the red light will be on every day because it promotes cellular growth, stimulates the circulatory system, increases physical energy, stamina, grounding, spontaneity, stability, and passion, and treats signs of aging.

In the second infrared sauna, the light will be:

  • On Mondays, there will be a yellow lighting which increases cheerfulness, personal power, and provides clarity on thought. It also increases awareness, and stimulates curiosity. Yellow has also been associated with the ability to perceive and understand. (The best way to have the right mindset for the week!).
  • On Tuesdays, there will be yellow lighting, which increases cheerfulness, personal power, logic, increases awareness, and stimulates curiosity. Yellow is related to sunshine and rays of light, giving a feeling of enlightenment as well. (That makes you get back into the work-week groove!)
  • On Wednesdays, there will be a green light that supports balance, harmony, and acceptance. Green is the universal healing color and provides a feeling of renewal, of peace, and harmony. (A good emotional balance in getting through your week!)
  • On Thursdays, there will be a violet light that stimulates imagination, intuition, self-knowledge, meditation, and artistry. (A perfect way to finish the week in a strong way.)
  • On Fridays, the light will be blue-indigo, which increases calmness and friendliness. It has a pacifying effect on the nervous system, encouraging relaxation. Blue promotes a sense of peace and tranquillity, calming worrisome and anxious minds. ( A way to shift the mind to relaxation and sociability for the weekend.)
  • On Saturdays, there will be a green light, which reduces skin inflammation, it helps with sleep disorders, and enhances cognitive functions. It also supports balance and harmony. (For a fully relaxing weekend!)
  • On Sundays, the light will be blue-indigo. It increases calmness, friendliness, and anxious minds. ( To start the week with a boost of tranquillity and a better mindset!)

The infrared saunas are waiting for you. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t regret it!!

Don’t forget to also try our traditional sauna, the two cold plunges, and the Eucalyptus steam rooms. Take some time for yourself in the relaxation lounge while sipping fruit-infused water and natural tea, and enjoy your experience at Release!