My dream to open a holistic wellness center and spa began 16 years ago when I visited Canyon Ranch in Tucson. At that time I was somewhat of a low-energy person with a LOT on my plate. I felt exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed. This would not do. I set a goal to learn how to embrace my busy life with joy and purpose. While in Tuscon, I immersed myself in the many wellness offerings including exercise, meditation, nutrition counseling, tapping, positive mantras, cranial sacral therapy and more! This was truly a life-changing experience, and I felt amazing as I boarded the plane home. I brought these lessons back with me and changed my habits based on what I learned, resulting in a positive impact on all areas of my life. As I saw others in my family and community similarly white-knuckling their way through their lives, I wished I had a way to share my transformative experience.

I am thrilled to announce that my dream is now a reality, and we are well on our way to opening Release Well-Being Center—a state-of-the-art spa and holistic wellness center. The classes, experiences and programs at Release are designed to help you release stress, toxins, fatigue, bad habits, negativity, self-doubt, judgment, tightness and pain. Our community of experts in mindful and healthy living will integrate the many wellness offerings and guide you towards balance, purpose and optimum well-being.

Our 11,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility consists of two buildings: the historic Nathan Fisher House and a new 7,000-square-foot wellness building, Sanctuary. The Nathan Fisher House includes our administrative offices, the NFH intimate yoga studio (for specialty yoga classes and personal trainings), café and a boutique. To honor the Nathan Fisher House’s history as a community landmark, we will also offer this space to community groups for meetings, seminars and events. The boutique in the Nathan Fisher House will provide local entrepreneurs and small business owners without a brick and mortar presence a space to showcase their goods and services. Our new wellness building, Sanctuary, houses our heated yoga studio which can comfortably fit over 60 mats, a high-tech fitness studio, fully-stocked locker rooms, a luxurious spa and another boutique. Release’s beautifully-landscaped grounds include an outdoor yoga and fitness space, meditation garden, a tranquility garden and fire pit for outside events.

We plan to open our doors in late 2016! Look for updates about our grand opening and gala on our website and in future newsletters!

Linda Townsend
Founder of Release Well-Being Center


  • Christine Proffitt

    Linda, congrats! So looking forward to seeing all that Release has to offer. And many kudos for your re-interpretation of this local historic landmark!

  • Can’t wait Linda!

  • Deb Lazarz

    Linda, I’m SO excited & proud to have this amazing place in our area!! Your vision is coming true & I’m feeling grateful that you pursued it!!

  • Nancy Avery

    Are there any employment opportunities?

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