With a new year underway, Release continues to deliver quality, sustainable wellness offerings to every individual who walks through our doors. But what exactly will that look like in 2021?

Self-care isn’t about one specific area of the mind, body, or soul, nor is it a one-and-done deal. It’s ongoing, which is why you’ll be able to find the well-being you seek or the relief you need, no matter what that looks like, here at Release. Through the eyes of our community, we have realized that who we are and what we do best is not about a quick fix. Our mission at Release is to help you on your path to a sustainable lifestyle that supports well-being.

Since no two people are the same, no two wellness journeys are the same. Whenever you’re navigating your struggles, dealing with discomfort, feeling any imbalances, or simply looking for a boost, we’ll help you develop your own personalized experience through integrated wellness and holistic care. We are here to guide your exploration of our many wellness modalities to find YOUR recipe for optimal well-being including:

Yoga & Mindfulness: The yoga and mindfulness classes at Release encourage self-exploration and living your best life on and off the mat. Through these ancient practices, you will strengthen your body and increase your flexibility, while decreasing stress and ridding yourself of dis-ease. Our world-class instructors provide an experience that allows you to shift your perspective and open up new possibilities, using specific methods such as setting intentions, breathing techniques, conscious cues, inspiring playlists and dynamic sequencing.
Fitness & Cycling: Build both physical and mental strength, no matter what your age or fitness level, through effective workouts, heart-pumping exercises, and engaging classes. Our fitness and cycling instructors tap into their wealth of knowledge—including tried-and-true methods and the latest research — to teach you how to exercise safely, which equipment to use, the benefits of cardio and strength training, and how to develop a personalized program to meet your goals.
Massage: Our massage therapists are true healers who understand that massage is about more than pampering. Your session is customized to meet the needs of whatever is going on in your body, whether you have an injury, need to release stress or want to boost your athletic performance.
Esthetics: Sometimes self-care means taking care of the largest organ in your body, your skin. Our experienced staff of licensed estheticians has selected a variety of products to provide the type of treatment best suited to your skin and lifestyle. Exfoliate, calm, brighten, or invigorate your skin and help revive its natural glow. More importantly, we educate you about your treatment and teach you how to care for your skin at home.
Alternative Healing: Whenever you’re feeling blocked, drained, or disconnected, alternative healing practices aid in rejuvenating your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Explore additional forms of energy healing by taking advantage of our specialty workshops that will strengthen your intuition, clean your aura and help you relax into a deeper state of being.
Bliss: The Bliss heat and light therapies were carefully selected for their scientifically-proven benefits. Inspired by the elements, the Bliss experiences help heal by reducing stress, boosting immunity and energy, and managing symptoms of different ailments.
Wellness Education and Coaching: From building sustainable habits to sharing helpful strategies, the experienced team of providers at Release is available to help you progress towards your goals in your own individualized way. We have the best tools and teachers to show you the path towards a vibrant, healthy and successful life, while supporting you along the way to make your new habits last a lifetime.
Nourish Café: Feed your mind, body and soul from a colorful menu of healthy yet delicious meals, snacks, and beverages. Nourish serves food that is healthy, tastes amazing and energizes and sustains you until your next meal. There’s the option to dine-in, but you can also choose curbside pickup or take advantage of the café’s meal prep service if preferred. We also offer cooking classes and nutrition workshops to teach you how to prepare healthy meals at home!

In 2021, we will continue to offer the Best of the Best classes, programs and experiences that you’ve come to expect from Release. The guidance and integration of these offerings, combined with positive accountability and encouragement of our strong community, will allow us to serve your needs even better. We look forward to this next step on our path to heal, nourish and boost well-being.