Our bodies undergo substantial changes as the days grow shorter during the fall and winter. You might find that you need to catch up on sleep or immerse yourself in self-care. Unfortunately, toxic stressors are inevitable, whether it’s a work/life imbalance or challenges in your personal life.

At Release Well-Being Center we believe in the power of detox. This holistic approach allows us to make room for what matters: love, hope, creativity, compassion, and a healthier mindset.

What Does Mind Detox Mean?

For some, detoxing can look like swapping a low nutrient diet for antioxidant rich food, or regular exercise that’ll benefit them long term. Mind detoxification, however, has a different process. Instead of focusing on your physical body, the goal is to create a headspace that releases bad habits, negative self-talk, and the beliefs that influence our behavior.

Founder of Release Linda Townsend, explains it best. “We need to make room in our minds for love, light, and positivity,” she said. “If our minds are overwhelmed with negativity, we aren’t able to invite in all of the positive things.”

The benefits of mental detoxification go beyond cleansed energy. Removing what is no longer serving you also prevents anxiety, stress-induced illnesses, and chronic disease from stored toxins. If you haven’t already, turning to health and wellness experts is a great way to start your journey!

How Our Practitioners Detox

Kathleen Quinton, our Wellness Coach at Release, detoxes to quiet her mind and connect with her inner self. In life, many things can contribute to how you feel, whether fear, lack of confidence, or being overwhelmed.

As a wellness and life coach, she uses her own mindfulness approach to teach clients how to strengthen and prioritize what makes them happy, healthy, and productive.

“Our thoughts are not who we are; they are just thoughts,” Quinton said. “Quieting the mind is like walking in a dense forest and clearing a path. The noisy, unfiltered, and negative thoughts become tempered and seen in a new light, leaving us with more peace and clarity.”

For Yoga Instructor Marianne Davis, mental detoxification has a similar meaning. “It’s clearing the mind of thoughts that cause us anxiety and stress,” she said. “We know that tying up our thoughts with worry won’t help us, yet we allow them to run on repeat over and over again.”

In her personal life, Davis spends time outside in her garden, going for morning walks, and reading poetry. Her advice for newcomers is to learn how to recognize when your mind and body are getting overcome with thoughts to determine best practices that’ll get you out of that cycle.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no perfect way to detox. We’ve outlined four effective practices to help with this much needed cleanse.

4 Ways To Better Mental Health


There are so many different options for meditation, from guided classes to simple five minute videos on Youtube. Meditation helps bring the body into a state of balance, and it’s an everyday practice for our Founder Townsend.

“I stay attuned to the big picture and give less mental energy to the ‘small stuff’,” she said. Her advice to beginners is to explore your options. Stick with a format that is best for you, and practice meditating everyday. It should be part of your daily routine – almost second nature!


Yoga helps you move your attention inward and release endorphins into your system. Like meditation, the union of movement with deep breaths helps to move you toward the stillness and peace needed for restoration. It is an excellent low-impact workout that can help clear out bad thoughts and emotions.

Surround Yourself With Positivity

Make time to surround yourself with supportive people and positive affirmations! It’s easy to get wrapped up in our thoughts. Take a moment to slow down, focus on the moment and reflect on your inner-self. Social connections with friends or family can relieve stress and boost your mood. Affirmations and mantras are excellent ways to keep you grounded and collect and store good energy.

Get Fresh Air

How often do you spend time outside? Research shows that those who go for a walk or spend a few minutes around nature can improve their mood significantly. It is an excellent way to clear your thoughts, get Vitamin D, and nourish your mind.

Find What Works For You

At Release, we’re here to help you bring abundance and transformation into the season! Reach out to our center to learn more about the treatments we offer to nourish your mind, body, and soul.