When we can’t get into the studio, live stream workouts at Release are a great option. But we hear sometimes that working out at home is easier to skip due to lack of motivation, at home obligations, work or family distractions, space, and more. We get it! Workouts boost your mood, your immune system, and of course increase your cardiovascular and muscular health. Here are some tips that might help you keep motivated in your home space or on the road!

Schedule your workout on your calendar: Whether you take it live or recorded, add the appointment to your calendar. The simple act of committing to this window of time will set you up for success!

Take the class Live: If you can take the class live via live stream your instructor will say “Hello” and motivate you throughout the workout. Be brave and keep your camera on so that your instructor can watch your form and cheer you on. In addition, you will get the opportunity to see others in the class which will give you the feeling of community to make the workout more fun.

Find an accountability partner: At Release if you are unable to attend the class live we will send you a recording to take it at your convenience. If this is more convenient for your schedule, try to check in with a friend from class or someone in your household about how your class was! Some people FaceTime together to workout or use a group txt to check in.

Layout your workout clothes in advance: The act of placing your clothes out to prepare for your workout will help to motivate and remind you of the importance of your exercise routine. For your morning workouts set out your clothes out the night before, and for your afternoon/evening classes set them out when you wake up in the morning. When you walk by your clothes you are reminded of your exercise appointment.

Let music motivate you: A great playlist not only puts you in a good mood but it’s proven to make you work harder in class. Some classes come with a playlist but or create your own playlist to play that will get you up and moving!

Find a space that is away from your work and family: If you are working from home you want to find a way to get away from the job. You might use your laptop or zoom for both fitness and work so try a different angle in your room and hide your alerts so you can focus on you! Or go to another room and close the door with a sign that says “Do not Enter” this way family members will know that you are exercising and they are not disrupt you.

Remember your “why”: Your “why” is your true inner reason to exercise and how it helps to support your everyday life. It could be anything from boosting your mood, meeting a fitness or weight loss goal, to be more limber and active and many others. Digging deep inside you to and know why you want to exercise will motivate you to make it happen and give it your all.

Commit to ten: Just begin with ten minutes and give yourself the option to stop if you it’s not working for you for any reason. After ten minutes in you’ll likely have endorphins kicking in and want to finish the class.

Try a shorter class: If time is a constraint for you try one of our 20 or 30 minute mini classes that might be easier to fit into a busy workday. 

Good luck with your workouts! Whether in person or virtual we are cheering you on!