As you can probably guess, I’ve been practicing yoga for a long time. I’m also an avid cyclist. With a background in exercise science, I thought that I was managing my workouts pretty well until I started taking self-myofascial release more seriously.

Here’s the quick back story…  Over the last few summers I’ve been participating in a 100 mile bike ride to benefit MS.  Naturally that means I’m training a lot. Despite my regular yoga practice I felt a general slowing down of my recovery time and more aches and pains. Last year I compensated by training only every other day.  It worked “OK”. This year I hope to ride across Massachusetts from the NY border to P-town with some friends “just for fun”. It’s a 4 day ride, so every other day training just won’t cut it.  That’s why I got serious about myofascial release and I’m here to tell you that it works.

I’m now certified in The Roll Model Method©, a system using balls to help you find and erase painful tension in your myofascial system. Myofascia refers to your body-wide system of muscle and connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments. The techniques also help tissues rehydrate and flush out metabolic waste products to help you recover faster.

I’m looking forward to sharing these techniques in my upcoming workshop. My “Meridian Workshop” on June 19 at 1pm will blend The Roll Model Method© and Yin Yoga with a focus on soothing the Fire Element within each of us.  We’ll get into the hips along with a special emphasis on arms, shoulders and neck. Overall you can count on a full body practice.  See you on June 19.