I often wondered what was wrong with me. I would always read descriptions of mental disorders hoping to be able to truly relate to one. I always fell short. My symptoms were never correctly described in the psychology books I was reading. The very first time I understood the word “empath” was not that long ago. I had heard and even used the word “empathy” and “empathetic” many many times during my lifetime, however, I did not realize there was an entire tribe of people who lived and breathed this quality just like me. When I dove deeper into my spiritual practices, I found there was an explanation for the intense emotion I had felt my entire life, and the realization that I was not alone was like the sweetest embrace from the universe. I was finally able to understand the madness I had lived… 

An empath is a person with the ability to understand the experiences and feelings of others outside of their own perspective, as well as apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual. They sense and feel emotions as if it is part of their own experience. In other words, someone else’s pain and happiness becomes the empaths pain and happiness. I am an empath, and I spent most of my life unknowingly trying anything and everything not to be. Everything I felt was intense, and I was often labeled “too sensitive”. I felt misunderstood and was always on the verge of losing control. Absorbing other people’s energies is deeply confusing and, for me, it led to a lifelong struggle with anxiety, depression, and self-medicating. Eventually, I followed a calling to practice yoga and meditation. Everything began to make sense. On the yoga mat, feelings, connection, truth, acceptance, and love were glorified. I was in my element. Sometime after diving into my yoga practice, layers upon layers began unfolding, leaving me with the wisdom that everything I had ever felt was a gift and guiding others to embrace their feelings was my purpose. 

Do you think you may be an empath? Here are some quite common characteristics of an empath.

● Deep sensitivity and a strong desire to understand and help others, as well as a deep desire to be understood. Sometimes labeled “too sensitive.”

● Highly sensitive to external stimuli, and large groups of people resulting in strong emotional responses.

● An ability to take on other people’s emotions and energies, pick up on body language, tone of voice, and sense other people’s experiences. 

● You are often jumpy or anxious.

● You are prone to anxiety and depression.

● You are a deep thinker and over analyze.

● You are creative, insightful, and intuitive.

●You are a truth seeker, and walking lie detector.

Are you still with me? If so, you may just be empath, and this workshop may just be what your empath heart needs. If you are interested in learning more, connecting to other empaths, and empowering your empath soul meet me at Release Well-Being Center on Sunday April 11th from 1-3 for a 2-hour workshop and bring your journal and yoga mat for a whimsical all levels yoga flow to help you understand your gift. Everyone is welcome and the yoga flow is accessible for all. Empathy is a gift, and in a world where so many people struggle to identify and express emotions, it can be a superpower.