Take proactive care of your liver and gallbladder, so they can take care of you!

As with so many other natural remedies, D-limonene is not “rocket science.” It’s a simple extract (chemically a terpene) from citrus oils (e.g. lemon, orange, grapefruit). You’ve probably seen it on the ingredient list as a natural citrus flavoring in some foods and beverages. You also may have heard of it as a “de-greaser” ingredient in household natural cleaners. That’s because it gets rid of caked on grease and grime effectively.

Imagine what would happen if you applied that surfactant and emulsifying power to a sluggish gallbladder? This is why fresh lemon water is used during a cleanse. In the human body, D-limonene has been shown in clinical study to actually dissolve gallstones. Yes, dissolve. This study showed a 67% success rate without any other intervention – a success rate that beats the vast majority of medications.

Beyond that, it also contributes to normal peristalsis and is an effective remedy for intermittent heartburn too!

So, having either a supplement, essential oil, or fresh lemons on hand is a smart idea and a great way to take care of your gall bladder and liver/bile flow.