Take 5-10 minutes today to do something amazing for your body and your mind. This yoga posture is one of the most approachable and easy to modify. All you need is the floor and a wall.
Lay down on the floor with your bum near the wall and let your legs walk up the wall. Remember that it isn’t about getting your body into a perfect 90 degree angle. Listen to your body on the journey of getting there. Maybe your hamstrings are tight, maybe it feels a little achy in your low back. No problem. Scoot your bum farther away from the wall. Maybe you choose to bring your legs up onto the bed or a couch instead of a wall. Its your moment, do whatever feels delicious for your body. Feel free to keep your knees soft and slightly bent, or bend your knees generously. You can find some soft movement by rocking the knees to one side and the other, helping to release tension in the hips. Find whatever feels good in your body at this moment.
All day our legs are supporting us when we are standing and walking. Even when we are sitting at a computer and working our legs are working hard to put blood to your lower extremities and back up to your heart. Take this quiet moment to let gravity ease your achy legs and feet. This simple posture helps reduce anxiety, improves digestion, calms the nervous system, and helps improve venous return to the heart and lungs!
It doesn’t take long to feel the benefits of this yummy pose. Remember to bring your awareness to your breath, especially if your mind begins to wander. No need to do anything fancy, just think about breathing slowly and mindfully. Take this important moment to think about the many systems of the body that work together to enable us to function each moment of each day.
This is a simple way to remind us that our bodies serve us in many ways and something as simple as kicking our feet up in the air is a way that we can serve our bodies and say thank you for all of the support!