Functional Medicine Practitioner

Heather Vroman

Board-Certified Physician

Brenda Walkey

Brenda is a board-certified physician in both Internal Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine. This combination of specialties allows her to prevent and treat common medical conditions as well as promote general wellness over the lifespan.  Brenda has fifteen years of experience as a primary care doctor.  This career path enabled her to maintain ongoing relationships with her patients, fostering collaboration and trust.

To better understand the connection between lifestyle and health, Brenda pursued certification from the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. This organization’s mission aligns with her goal of helping patients recognize the impact of their habits on their health.

Brenda realized that rushing through short appointments in a busy primary care clinic was not the way she wanted to continue practicing medicine. She transitioned to Lifestyle Medicine to meet individuals where they are on their wellness journeys.  Brenda has experience with coaching clients one-on-one and facilitating workshops on plant-based meal prep, cancer prevention and weight loss.

Brenda’s own battle with breast cancer in 2020 prompted her to reevaluate some of her life choices. This personal challenge led her to embrace the concept of “ikigai,” a Japanese concept on finding purpose and reason for living. She has made meaningful changes in her own lifestyle, including adopting plant-based eating, practicing mindfulness, and increasing physical activity.