Daily affirmations leverage positive thinking and self-empowerment to manifest success. They are a great way to start your morning or end your night. When practiced correctly and consistently, affirmations can boost mental health and self-esteem, decrease stress, enhance focus, increase the likelihood of achieving goals, and more! 
Repeating the same three affirmations three times a day for 30 days is proven to motivate, uplift, and has the ability to program the mind to believe the stated concept. It is best said in front of a mirror. Create affirmations that are specific to your goals and desires, and are in the present tense.  Turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts such as:
 “I am tired of being broke” becomes ” I am increasing my wealth.” 
“My life is a mess” becomes “I am creating a life that I love.”
” I am not motivated to work out” becomes ” I find time in my busy schedule for myself and my health.”
The staff at Release love affirmations. Some of our favs include:
1. I am worthy
2. I am realizing my dreams
3. I deserve happiness
4. I accept what I cannot change
5. I am excited about the future 
6. I am resilient
7. Every morning I wake up with thoughts and feeling that are nourishing 
8. I see the beauty in everything
9. Attracting love begins with self-love
10. I am releasing my fears and embracing my future
“If you can dream it, you can it do” -Walt Disney