Mindful Meal Prep: How planning ahead can save headaches, money, and time.

Most of us have been there. Rushing from work, or school, to appointments, or back and forth from soccer practice, to dance class, to the late night PTA meeting. All while in the back of our minds we are running that dreaded question…what the heck are we going to have for dinner? What am I going to pack for the kids’ lunch tomorrow?

Eating healthfully, and mindfully can seem like the most daunting of tasks when we are on that time crunch. However, we can’t skirt around the fact that what we fuel our bodies with is one of the most, if not the most important aspect of self-care. While it may seem like just another chore to add to the to-do list, here is how we can make it all the more easy.

1: Change your attitude towards your food!

Instead of viewing meal planning, prepping, and cooking as a “chore”, think of it as a way to slow down, and provide nourishment to yourself and your family. Use your time at the grocery store or farmer’s market to connect to your food and the people who grow it. Turn it in to a fun family time! Pick out fun recipes together, teach the kids how to select food while shopping, and psych yourself up about it! This is an investment to yourself and your family.

2: Pick one day per week to set aside just a couple of hours to plan, shop, prep and batch cook (crock-pot anyone??)

Again, don’t make this a chore. Crank up your favorite tunes, or podcast. Pour yourself a cup of your favorite coffee, tea, or even a glass of wine…make it FUN! There are a ton of easy, quick, and healthy recipes that can be made ahead of time that

will take just a few minutes on a week night. And a word to the wise…KEEP IT SIMPLE!

3: Get Inspired

Buy a new recipe book, watch a cooking show, listen to a podcast, or stop by the Nourish café and check out our menu! We are so fortunate to have the world at our fingertips. Countless ideas, and unlimited information is literally in the palm of our hands. Instead of scrolling facebook on the couch, take 10 minutes to do a little planning/research.

Still not convinced that it’s worth it? Compare the cost, and quality of the food you eat on a typical week; then compare it to the cost and quality of food you would be eating on a meal-prep week. This may speak for itself!

4: Take it slow!

Don’t go from 0 to 100 in one week. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Maybe you just pick one meal for the first week such as lunch to start your prepping for and build that up over the next few weeks. Rome wasn’t built in a day, change takes time.

5: Enlist the help of your local health foodies! AKA: THE NOURISH CAFÉ!

We get it…it may not be easy to meal prep for every single day/meal of the week. If you visit the Nourish café, you can enjoy a wholesome, healthful meal…you can even grab some Nourish at home meals to bring home and help with your weekly food prep!

Saving time and money while improving our nutrition is one of the best ways that we can invest in our health and nourish our bodies…and we are always here to help! Do you have a favorite meal in the café, or need some

pointers? Ask us!! The Nourish Café is open: Mon-Fri 7am-2pm

Sat & Sun 8am-2pm