Monday Left Overs
Not everybody loves Mondays but they are the beginning of a new week, one that will be filled with possibilities and challenges. How can we be fully present this week to savor the good stuff and work through the tough stuff?
First we need to deal with the left overs from last week, last month or longer. They are sucking more of our time and energy then we even realize. Can we just toss them out? It’s rarely that easy and there is most likely something in that doggie bag that is good for us. Instead, let’s try unpacking it. First, let’s throw away what we don’t need, what no longer serves us, things we might be beating ourselves up over or consuming us with negative energy towards others. If we can put that stuff in the trash we will feel so much lighter, more open and joyful. The left overs most likely contain things that are useful and will help us grow and manifest our best lives. If we can digest it we can bring those things into our lives in an intentional manner.
How can we toss out what we don’t need and digest what will benefit us? We all have different tools and coping strategies. Some tried and true ways to process are meditating, running, journaling, or talking with a friend. My absolute go-to is walking my dogs in the woods. Something about the combination of being in nature with my fur babies helps me let things go and move forward with positivity and strength.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.
With gratitude,

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  • Jody Comins

    My go to is starting the week in Jen’s hot yoga class! Nice to see you there this morning Linda;-)

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