2017 is steadily approaching and with it so much NEW. New year, New goals, new dreams…. And NEW merchandise that has finally arrived on the shelves of the Boutique at Release. Unpacking each box these past couple of weeks has been so exciting as the Retail team has begun to see their vision come together. We are getting ready to welcome each of you to our retail space where you can sift through custom Release apparel and accessories, Himalayan Salt products, delicious candles, teas, and local honey, beautiful, eclectic apparel hand selected by our partners at Elements and so much more. What do you need for the New Year? Here is my recommendation!

Must have item of the month from Release Boutique:

Himalayan Salt Lamp.

New Years Resolutions always involve bettering ourselves in some way. These goals motivate us to achieve greatness with the start of a new year and give us that burst of energy and motivation after the holiday season. Often times, though, we start strong and quickly find ourselves making excuses for why we don’t have time or what have you. Why not bring a light of inspiration, motivation, and wellness right into your own home. This way, even on those days when you merely did not make it to that Yoga or Fitness class you had so intended to go to, you have your little beam of wellness by your side. Without doing anything but plugging this harmonious and esthetically pleasing lamp in you are already contributing to your wellness and reaping the following benefits:

  • Promoting healthy blood sugar
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Emits negative ions promoting higher mental alertness, (reducing stress and increasing performance)

… And so much more. With all of these benefits from this powerful product you can feel good about contributing to your resolution each and every day right from home. Furthermore, with improved sleep and increased performance you will be more motivated and charged up for that Vinyasa class!

Stop by the boutique to hand pick your very own Himalayan Salt Lamp and take a look at our many other Himalayan Salt Products!

Alyssa Schiano, Marketing and Retail Manager