When I embark on change, having clarity and purpose helps to achieve my goals. For me, sharing in writing or conversation to get feedback, welcoming ideas as well as establishing accountability has helped in my journey. I find the word, written or spoken, to be very powerful. Celebrating my wins on a regular basis is key to maintaining focus and keeping me energized. When working with clients it is important for us both to understand why a goal is important. Is this a big enough priority?

Using a SMART approach we discuss ways to get Specific, how to Measure progress and Relevancy with a Timeline established for achievement. Without these characteristics there is potential for getting confused or distracted with other projects and activities. When many of us set a goal to “be healthier”, what does that really mean? For some, it might indicate a change in eating practices, while for others it could involve more movement and for yet others it could be a matter of improving connections and relationships. Having clarity will help us map out our path to success.

Are there habits that have come up for you during this pandemic that are undesirable? When there are so many things out of our control it can be challenging to maintain what had been working in the past and create or re-create new healthy habits. Putting structure in place is key. Having a plan with achievable milestones is the best way to establish a new habit. Ideally we want our habits to be sustainable and in time become a way of life. For example, when I started my meditation practice I participated in a 21 day challenge with Oprah and Deepak. This program kept me on track and engaged on a daily basis. My sense of accomplishment and well-being after the 21 days sparked a desire to continue with my meditation practice. I had benefited from the direction and guidance of those with experience within a structured environment. After the 21 days, making modifications such as the amount of meditation time, frequency and time of day were customized to my schedule and preferences. This resulted in a sustainable daily meditation practice that is now going on 6 years. What changes are a priority in your life right now? Zoom to this workshop on Wednesday October 21st to begin your journey!