We are very excited to announce the launch of our One Day Retreats!

We’ve created a supportive space for you to learn, develop, relax and tune in more deeply. Release Retreats are designed to allow you to immerse fully in your own self-care.

We have expert presenters who will bring you powerful and informative presentations combined with BLISS, our invigorating heat and light therapies. You will have access to yoga, meditation and fitness classes to get your body moving throughout the day and also nourish your body with delicious, healthy food!

This day will fill you up, ignite a deeper connection with the truth in your heart, bring you the information you need and invite you to more consciously create the life you want for yourself!

Release retreats are the ultimate self-care and well-being experience, designed around the 5 pillars of wellness.

The 5 Pillar of Wellness are:

  • Mental = stimulating the intellect & proper sleep
  • Spiritual = connects to beliefs and purpose
  • Physical = taking care of body and nutrition
  • Social = relationships with others
  • Emotional = meditating, journaling to  release negativity

These are all interconnected and improve in one area will certainly impact your overall well-being.

So how are these 5 pillars tied into the retreats?


  • Learning about the topic
  • Leaving with insight and the knowledge that you need to take immediate action


  • Connecting within to whatever you spiritual beliefs you have
  • Yoga and meditation


  • Move your body with access to yoga and fitness classes
  • Experience invigorating salt, heat and light therapies in the himalayan salt room, sun sauna, eucalyptus steam room, infrared sauna, and hot mineral spa
  • Nourishing your body with delicious healthy food from our Nourish Cafe, retreats include meals


  • Connecting with like-minded people in a group
  • Meeting new people and friends


  • Learning how to explore your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and applying them to your life and to your core values
  • Understand what you need to do for your own emotional well-being


We invite you to join us for a Release Retreat this year. Upcoming topics are: Ignite Your Energy and Avoid Burnout, Fertility, Reducing Stress for Teens, Living with Chronic Pain, Mother/Daughter Retreat, Meeting Menopause.

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  • I really like how you simply laid these pillars out for us. I didn’t know that being social was apart of being centered and healthy! There are people that I would love to get into touch with again. But, before I do anything like that, I think I need to work on my other aspects of wellness first. Do you have any tips on how to find a good retreat facility?

    • Hello Bram! Thank you for your comment! There are many different retreats available. I recommend to begin my searching in your local area. We are located in Westborough, MA – if you are nearby we would love to have you come in!

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