Michelle Franchi, Barre & Pilates

Michelle is an instructor in our fitness program, teaching barre and pilates.

Why do you do what you do? And why do you do it at Release?

I love teaching barre, Pilates and yoga. The connection I make with people and watching them exceed their goals is so rewarding for me!

Release is a beautiful, friendly place. Every time I walk through the doors I soak in its peaceful energy!

 Who is your hero?

My hero is Tom Brady. I love his drive and determination to be the best he can be! Not only is he the best Quarterback we will ever see, he lives a healthy lifestyle that works for him. He’s a family man, a leader, and a great role model for our children to watch.

 What is your favorite escape?

My favorite escape would be to St. John. I love everything about it: he beautiful clear blue water and white sand beach; snorkeling to see beautiful fish and sea life; hiking swimming and just relaxing. This is where I go when I feel stressed out by the world and life.